Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 198

CCIM: Knowing that reason will be of comfort to those shareholders and observers who have been speculating. Looking now at your mobile app (the free “cannabis wellness tracker”) how does it work and what is the benefit to your patients and your shareholders? Is there a cost? Can anyone download it and use it?

CHV: Yes, the Knalysis Wellness Tracker is free download from the Apple and Android app store. If the user is on cannabis therapy he or she will be able to use the app to record their moods throughout the day. After a week or two this data will help the MFT cannabis coaches recommend beneficial tweaks in a person’s prescriptions. Tremendously important data for helping our clients achieve optimal health!

CCIM Others in this industry appear focused on international and even intra-provincial expansion. Does CHV share that mindset and if yes how so?

CHV: Knalysis is already working with potential clients in the USA and Europe. Australia, Asia and South America are in their sights as well. We believe that the data they gather from all these users should eventually become our most valuable earning asset.

In 2018 MFT intends to explore expanding its clinical services model into the States and Europe.

CCIM: Your revenue to market cap suggests that if all goes to plan, shareholders may be rewarded by investing now. So let me ask you plainly, why invest in CHV and indeed is everything on schedule?

CHV: We’re in a fast moving and very dynamic industry, as you well know. We strongly believe that by concentrating upon executing fully each division’s business plan we have a good chance of blowing way past our projections.

With such exciting potential gains comes risk, however, so, again, nothing can be guaranteed, and I’m not allowed to make investment recommendations.


Louis Kyron: CCIM

Riley McGee: CHV