Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 196

CCIM: Canada House Wellness appears to me to be built on an integrated approach combined with partnering with strategic and key partners such as LPs and public health professionals. Is this correct?

CHV: Yes indeed! You are correct.

CCIM: This chart, that appears on your website, projects revenues through to 2020. Does CHV remain on target to meet or even exceed these projections?

CHV: There are no guarantees, of course. However, you should be aware that we do our best to base our projections on what we believe to be conservative but achievable assumptions.

My own objective is to beat the heck out of these projections!

CCIM: Health Canada recently appointed a “Reviewer” to your ACMPR file and application. How significant is that and can you advise on how is that file is progressing?

CHV: I’ve been working with the reviewer since receiving this notice, and am expecting a Health Canada License to Grow in a matter of days, likely well before this interview is published.


Louis Kyron: CCIM

Riley McGee: CHV