Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 195


CHV: Well, as I see the industry, most everyone is focused upon grow, not upon MFT’s mission of helping those who have a genuine need for medical cannabis. Nor are they looking at the need for and long term value of the enormously valuable data that Knalysis is gathering.

We offer a balanced and diversified cannabis package.

We believe that MFT and Knalysis will begin generating huge value for us beginning next year, growing strongly from there.

And with the benefit of the knowledge we gain from MFT and Knalysis, our Abba Medix operation should be growing the most effective strains for our clientele.

CCIM: Riley, the one constant truth about business is “location location location” … how does that transfer to the existing and planned locations of the Marijuana For Trauma Locations AND also choosing Pickering Ontario for the grow location?

CHV: Because Ontario boasts 1/3rd of Canada’s population, most anywhere in the province would work fine for us. From Pickering we will be able to offer our clients same day delivery of their order, anywhere in Ontario.

CCIM: How does your business model benefit shareholders and benefit taxpayers because already I hear of concerns about how much the medical marijuana intake and assessment process is costing the public health system?

CHV: That’s a great question. Our MFT clinical model has LPs paying us an education fee which is a percent of every clients’ cannabis purchase. This is enough to cover all of our costs, including employing Ontario-based nurse practitioners who diagnose our client needs and provide their prescriptions.

We do all this at no cost to our clients and at no cost to the government!