Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 194


As with all of our Q&A sessions, we were not approached or requested to undertake the Q&A but rather we approach those companies that we feel the timing is right. No compensation of any kind or in any form is every offered, requested, expected, or received.

CCIM: First of all, thank for you participating in this Q&A for the subscribers of CannaInvestor Magazine.

CHV: I’m pleased to be here!

CCIM: What are the three distinct entities within CHV and how do they compliment one another?

CHV: Well, the three operating divisions of CHV are Marijuana for Trauma, Kanalysis Technologies and Abba Medix.

• MFT owns and operates 11 cannabis coaching clinics throughout Canada, serving currently over 6,000 active clients. Its mission is to help our clientele determine how best they can replace harmful prescriptions with medical cannabis, thereby enhancing their quality of life.

• Knalysis Tech has concentrated its deep bench of well-seasoned developers upon the cannabis industry’s needs and opportunities. They developed MFT’s powerful Cannabis Patient Management software, that allows MFT to now grow by more than 1,000 new clients per month. It’s now looking to market its suite of cannabis-centric software and apps all across North America and Europe.

• And I’m expecting Abba Medix to be granted its License to Grow at any time, likely before this interview is published.

CCIM: If you could summarize in just a few paragraphs to our subscribers … why CHV?

Louis Kyron: CCIM

Riley McGee: CHV