Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August / September 2017 - Page 13

IAs for the industry, only a small percentage of those with medical conditions that could benefit from medical marijuana have prescriptions and the conversion of the multi-billion dollar black market to a legal regulated recreational framework that puts safety and reliability first remains in its early stages. The aforementioned corporate presentation illustrates this potential untapped medical market (CLICK HERE). With respect to recreational legalization, a current summary for each Province and Territory can be found at this link (CLICK HERE).

The Cannabis Stock Picking Challenge remains open with weekly prizes and it is free to enter. Spiro and myself entered it using CannaInvestor Magazine stock picks and strategies. Spiro at one time was 11th out of over 1000 participants and I was 8th – both in the top 1%. Simply click the CSE standings image to enter the contest yourself and at no cost. The displayed standings of myself and Spiro were days apart and combined into one image for convenience.

On August 1st, HMMJ rebalanced its portfolios and its top three holdings by weight were ACB, APH, and WEED. While others published statements in May and June that a bearish period of up to three years could be ahead, we said the contrary and in our last issue published the industry chart to prove it and that chart is still moving up despite a small pullback due to the CDS uncertainty. Subsequent to our own forecasting, renowned Arcview Market Research recently suggested the industry could yield a compounded growth rate of at least 25% through 2021 (CLICK HERE) – noteworthy is the inclusion of our cover company AbCann Global Corporation that “could be on the verge of a significant uptick” according to that source.

At this time I would like to congratulate Norman Foss of Fort McMurray Alberta for being the prize winner of the TSX:WEED shirt generously provided by Tweed Inc.

Someone recently commented that the CannaInvestor Magazine team are the alchemists of the industry turning green into gold. We are always looking for content and ideas so please email us at with your proposal and until next month, invest long and prosper.


True, that is a contest and not the real world. Our July issue’s proprietary

metrics Top 25 Stock Pick list’s top

three ranked companies were:

#1 Aurora Cannabis Inc (ACB)

#2 Aphria Inc (APH); and

#3 Canopy Growth Corporation (WEED)