Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine April 2017 - Page 97


Future Harvest is one of the longest standing companies in the hydroponic industry. Their history goes back almost 25 years to a time when being in the hydroponic industry was a dangerous proposition. Back then persecution and incarceration were a very real possibility. Thankfully a lot has changed since the early 1990’s and the early pioneers have paved the way to success and helped mold the industry into what it is today.

Future Harvest was born out of two hydroponic stores, Better Than Nature Kelowna and Quick Grow Calgary. Way back in 1993 both of the stores were manufacturing their own brands of two part fertilizer on site to give their customers an alternative to the limited choice on the market at that time. The recipe was inspired from a chemist out of University of Alberta.

In around 1996, Byron (one of the founders of Future Harvest) started to distribute for an up and coming plant nutrient additive company called "Little Shop of Horticulture". Unfortunately Little Shop of Horticulture fell on hard times shortly thereafter. This paved the way for the purchase of Little Shop Horticulture and the creation of Future Harvest. All of the recipes, IP, equipment and raw material were purchased. Future Harvest rebranded the line and Plantlife products was born. Creating leading sellers like Super B+, TOB, Bud Start, Prop O Gator and the granular plant nutrient line Jungle Green, Better Bloom and Yield Up.