Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine April 2017 - Page 73

Dan Kriznic, Chairman & CEO is a CPA/Chartered Accountant by trade. Initially started out working for Deloitte & Touche for a period of 10 years where he gained experience in many different industries and a general background in business and the importance of cash flow. After Deloitte, Kriznic was a CFO and Executive Vice President of an Investment Group in Vancouver that was involved in private education, real estate and care homes and helped build Canada’s largest for profit Education Company in a period of 4 years with over 1,300 employees and 42 locations spanning many cities across Canada. He then exited on some of the assets to incubate Invictus MD, which Initially was set out as a licensed producer applicant back in early 2014 but later went on to invest in various verticals in the Cannabis space.

Phillip Haig is the Chief Science Officer and Horticulturist who has built over 1 million square feet of licensed grow facilities in the US and is currently working on a 500,000 square foot build out for one of the five licensed facilities in New York. He has been featured on 60 Minutes, National Geographic and many other publications. Invictus MD’s goal is to build very large facilities and Haig will be key in designing and helping construct those facilities built for purposes of cultivating cannabis.

Larry Heinzlmeir is the VP of Marketing and Communications. He and Kriznic worked together hand in hand for a number of years in building Canada’s largest education company where he was the Chief Marketing Officer. Marketing, branding and sales will be key as Invictus MD gets down the path to production and sale of Cannabis. They both have operational pasts that work well together, Kriznic in financing and Larry Heinzlmeir in sales and marketing. Heinzlmeir is also heading up communications strategy for investors that is key to getting the message out there and telling the story to as many people in the world as possible.

George Kveton recently joined as a director for Invictus. George is a founding partner of LOGSCALE Venture Partners; focused on early and growth stage companies in healthcare. He has in-depth strategic and corporate development experience in fast moving consumer goods. As VP at Japan Tobacco he led M&A transactions valued at US $1.5B, expansion into in the US and Latin America, and deal origination and execution for emerging products. At Philip Morris he led two major acquisitions (up to U$1B), readied businesses in Central and Eastern European for EU accession, and facilitated new market entries into Croatia and neighboring countries. His multi-billion dollar private and public company deals are global spanning five continents. He’s a grad of Queen’s, the executive studies at Berkeley Haas and HBS.