Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine April 2017 - Page 66

March 2017 was a transformational time for Invictus MD as it worked to expand and solidify its cultivation portfolio with expansion plan forecasts of 50,000 kilograms of high quality cannabis production by 2020.

CBC News learned that marijuana could be legal in Canada by July 1, 2018 and that the legislation will be announced during the week of April 10, and will broadly follow the recommendation of a federally appointed task force that was chaired by former liberal Justice Minister Anne McLellan. CBC News further reported that the federal government would be in charge of making sure the country's marijuana supply is safe and secure, and Ottawa will license producers.

It’s reported that Canada's cannabis industry could reach $22.6 billion over the coming years, according to Deloitte, with a retail market worth up to $8.7 billion. With only 41 producers licensed by Health Canada thus far, there's a significant market opportunity for Invictus MD to capitalize on this growth over time. The Company has focused on building its production profile and during March, many significant milestones were achieved. Some of those highlights are as follows:

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