Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine April 2017 - Page 56

Retail Investor's Perspective

I truly believe that this industry is still in its infancy in many aspects and still has some surprises in store. An entrepreneurial spirit with no equal seems to drive the industry. Imagination and opportunity may open many doors. For example, the animal and pet sector may have tremendous investment potential and CANNAINVESTOR Magazine readers knew of this since spring 2016. What we do know though is from an autumn report by Deloitte titled “Recreational Marijuana: Insights and Opportunities” that projected the legal cannabis industry in Canada could exceed $22.6 Billion eclipsing beer, wine, and spirits combined. The Hemp industry has the potential to dwarf the legal cannabis industry. This industry has already encountered what many industries face as they grow – unionization. A February 28th article titled “Medical marijuana workers fight for labour rights at Ontario agriculture tribunal” details allegations of workers being terminated “because they tried to unionize”.

As a writer, I am always apprehensive about naming companies as doing so many infer an investment recommendation. I am not compensated to reference companies and I am not a paid stock promoter in any sense of the term. Companies referenced are simply because they fit the article and are a good representative example of a company that is operating in the sector or segment/market being discussed. There is no intentional or implied investment advice offered.

Are the legal hemp and cannabis industries ideal for the prepared Retail Investor? You decide.