Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine April 2017 - Page 48


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*Clearly stated that Finore Mining (CSE:FIN; OTC: FNREF) had only a Letter Of Intent (LOI) to expand into the cannabis beverage industry. LOI’s are non-binding. LOI Definition

*Was among the first to bring attention to the birth of a new global industry (legal hemp and cannabis combined) that in time could reach a potential global valuation in excess of a trillion dollars according to many sources (just google it).

The following stocks were referenced in the US magazine months before they hit the “radar” of many:


These are terms coined in this in the May 2016 issue of the US edition. To date, the latter term in particular, is appearing in articles elsewhere. Why is that? They are terms that succinctly encapsulate what often takes pages to describe and explain:

ECOFORMING: The “Eco” is for Economy/Economics and is analogous to the science fiction concept of “terraforming” where an entire environment or landscape is being changed. Once completed, the resulting environment rarely has any resemblance to its state before the process began. For this industry, new legislation, court decisions, stock exchange decisions, and so forth tend to be examples of “Ecoforming” but every new company and changes in public opinion over time are also examples. As an analogy, think of farmland that was converted into residential and commercial zoning. The “after” does not at all resemble the “before”.

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