Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine April 2017 - Page 129

Christian Hageseth, the founder and chairman of American Cannabis Partners, suggests that it is “probably the most exciting segment of the marijuana industry” and that “we have yet to identify who will be the Apple computers or McDonald’s hamburger or the Coca-Cola of edibles.” (Bloomberg, Jennifer Kaplan – “Edible Weed May Be Half of the $5.4 Billion Pot Business” Perhaps Canada will lead the way this time.

It is fair to say the edibles market for marijuana infused products is growing and potential for profitability is supported by rising sales, market share gains, a growing global market, and profit margins that are on the rise, and with Canadian policy on legalization set to take form in the upcoming months, Canadians may be waking up to a different kind of Sunday brunch very soon.

Spiro Sertsis, CPA, CMA

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