Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine April 2017 - Page 116

Being an Authority Inspires Investor Confidence

Becoming a prominent authority on social media can show a potential investor that our company has momentum in an expanding industry. This display will automatically build confidence and engage affluent investors from the sector. Becoming an authority is only possible with the right content plan because social followers respond to educational, informative and regularly posted relevant news, memes and blog posts. It has been shown that institutional investors are looking for very specific things from a potential investment on social media. They want to understand the market and economic trends as well as new product information and the company’s background. The right content will portray the desired image for the brand, an image that attracts those looking to put their money into cannabis. Make sure to create a good content plan when aiming to utilize social media to engage live investors, this will ensure success.

Communicate Wisely

While social media is ideal for engaging new investors, it isn’t the best place for undergoing serious chats about business. Use social sites like LinkedIn or Facebook to make the first contact with a potential investor and then try to take that conversation to an email chain or phone conversations. Direct communication makes the investor see that although we are in the cannabis industry we know how to properly do business; this builds even more confidence on the institutional investor's side of things.