Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine April 2017 - Page 111




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The more I performed my research the more confident I became that the Hemp and Marijuana Industry is truly an untapped viable industry.

My first investments were in Canadian Marijuana production companies, then peripheral (ancillary) Cannabis market companies that showed vision and creativity. I also took part in two private placements with Hemp Companies with what I believe to be market adjusting formulas for success. The net effect of this 6 month trading period is an unbelievable 321% increase in my initial capital outlay. A far cry from the 2% I was earning in my savings account.

Are we at Day 1 yet for the Marijuana industry? I honestly do not know! Clearly there have been lots of investors that have already made enough money for financial independence, thus those investors would say “Yes”. But others say “not even close”. The financial community is so far behind this growing and developing industry that until they catch up and the main stream investor becomes educated, only then will Day 1 begin. And in there lies the opportunity … the traditional Institutional Investor waits leaving this industry ripe for Retail Investors.

Moral of the story, always maintain your personal investing objectives, be on the lookout for new opportunities in established or developing markets, do your homework and BeLEAF in what you believe. But this industry, and your investments, require constant monitoring and ongoing due diligence. I believe it was in CANNAINVESTOR that I first saw the terms “Ecoforming” and viewing the industry as a “vibrant Ecosystem” – truer words have never been spoken.

Andrew J Knautz, CPA, CA, B.Comm