Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine April 2017 - Page 105

Future Harvest private labeling business has increased the number of products they make on a daily basis. With their product line and partners, they now have over 60 unique formulations. These products are used for a wide range of applications from large-scale fruit and vegetable producers, to the weekend warrior gardener to the most sophisticated commercial grows.

Customers of Future Harvest enjoy a consistent product that uses only the highest quality materials. Their commitment to helping you grow better starts with a product that is engineered to be the healthiest product on the market. Low heavy metals and mineral organic raw materials ensure a consistency like no other. Product safety is also extremely important, for example many of the products on the market that shorten plants use paclobutrazol, which is not safe for human consumption. The active ingredient Future Harvest uses is safe to use on food crops and just as effective. Future Harvest could probably do it for cheaper if they changed their formulation to paclobutrazol, but Future Harvest always puts customer safety over sales. Animal by-products is something else that they refuse to touch, there are way too many cases of poisoning by E. coli and Future Harvest doesn't want to contribute to the problem. Evidence, efficacy, health and safety is what will drive this company into the future.