Canadian CANNAINVESTOR Magazine April 2017 - Page 104

Future harvest is focused on becoming a leading contender in the rapidly expanding fertilizer business, they now have moved towards fully automated production with their expanded bottling line. This new line will be capable of producing 40 liters individual bottled/capped/induction sealed and labeled per minute with a variation of sizes from 250ml - 10 liters which will completely take care of all the needs of their large clientele of hobby growers.

They have also expanded their production line in other sizes now giving them the capability to bottle from 10 liters to 1000 liters which completely takes care of the needs of both their large commercial growers and their private label partners who enjoy the benefit of working with a tried tested and true fertilizer company.

Private Labeling is one of the main income streams at Future Harvest. Even if you have never heard of their products chances are you probably have used one of their products. Future Harvest private labels for a variety of brands in the hydroponic and lawn and garden industry, from small retail stores to large distributors across three continents. In today’s highly competitive industry working with a strong private/white labeling partner like Future Harvest allows companies to offer the highest quality products, build brand recognition and increase the overall bottom line!