Canada & USA Destination Planner 2019-20 Canada Destination Planner - Page 142

CHURCHILL TOURING / Saskatchewan & Manitoba Ultimate Polar Bear Tour With Lazy Bear Expeditions, you will spend two full days on the tundra, tracking and observing the majestic polar bear. Explore the tundra in style on the massive tundra vehicles, the Arctic Crawlers TM . The Arctic Crawlers TM are spacious and comfortable, propane heated, have large viewing windows, a flush toilet and a grated observation deck on the back. During your tundra tours, you will visit the Churchill Hudson Bay Coastline and the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, where the polar bears hang out. Your experienced guide will take you to polar bear hot spots with stops along the way at wilderness areas known for arctic fox, arctic hare and snowy owls. Each night you will return to the wood- fire heated Lazy Bear Lodge, where you can warm up by a cozy fireplace, enjoy the delicious local cuisine and get a good night’s sleep on your comfortable bed. Your adventure includes a Dog Mushing experience, a cultural and heritage tour that will take you to historic Cape Merry, the Miss Piggy plane wreck, the ‘Polar Bear Jail’ and several other sites that make Churchill the town it is today. You may catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights if the weather cooperates. Pricing on request Unique Lodge Ultimate Arctic Summer Adventure The Ultimate Arctic Summer Adventure combines five days of extraordinary wildlife with the cozy comfort of the Lazy Bear Lodge. With 60,000 beluga whales filling the Hudson Bay and polar bears leaving the pan ice, July and August are the perfect time to visit Churchill. You will go on a jet boat tour where you will see countless beluga whales and visit the Prince of Wales Fort. Your Hudson Bay Coastal Tour will focus on viewing polar bears in their summer environment on the rocks and swimming in the water. You can add on additional tours to kayak and snorkel with the beautiful beluga whales. On land, you will go on a summer Arctic Crawler TM tundra tour as well as a town and area tour to see the historic sites of Churchill. After the adventure, you can then wind down in the serenity of the Lazy Bear Lodge. Lazy Bear Expeditions offers a unique summer Arctic adventure to view both the friendly beluga whales and the mighty polar bears. Pricing on request Unique Lodge Churchill Wild Take a walk on the wild side in the heart of polar bear country with Churchill Wild, the premier provider of ground-level Arctic safaris for 25 years. With three, fly-in wilderness lodges along the rugged coast of Hudson Bay, Churchill Wild offers a variety of soft-adventure packages during their season which spans July to November. There’s something for everyone, and the opportunities to meet polar bears, black bears, wolves, moose and other Arctic wildlife face-to-face are endless. This thriving and complex ecosystem is the site of both the beluga and caribou migrations. Summer safari packages offer beluga whale encounters in addition to on- the-ground wildlife viewing. The remote location of these lodges allows opportunities to watch and photograph the magnificent northern lights as they dance across the night sky. Churchill Wild is proud to be a member of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World collection and the Magnificent 7 Luxury Wilderness Lodges of Canada. Enjoy world-class service, Arctic gourmet cuisine and thrilling wildlife encounters on the edge of the Arctic with Churchill Wild. Pricing on request 140 Unique Lodge ANDERSON VACATIONS