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Nunavut / NUNAVUT TOURING Nunavut is the youngest territory of Canada, settled over four thousand years ago, recognized as distinctly Canadian in 1999. It is one of the largest unspoiled natural paradises on the planet. People from everywhere visit Nunavut to enjoy the arctic wildlife and the Inuit way of life, to explore the top of the world and be dazzled by the vivid dancing hues of the Aurora Borealis. 4 Day Arctic Discovery, Winter or Summer Arctic Bay – a vibrant, traditional community located in the northwest corner of Baffin Island. This safe harbour hamlet is situated upon a south-facing gravel beach on Adams Sound, which feeds into Admiralty Inlet, draining northwards to Lancaster Sound and the Northwest Passage. Iqaluit – located on Baffin Island at the northern end of Frobisher Bay near the mouth of the Sylvia Grinnell River. Formerly known as Frobisher Bay, the modern city of Iqaluit is rich with traditional Inuit culture. It is the home of many Inuit artists, filmmakers and musicians, plus there are arts and culture festivals staged in the spring and summer that bring artists here from across the territory. Pond Inlet – also called ‘Mittimatalik’ in Inuktitut after an unknown ancient person presumed to be buried here, Pond Inlet is a traditional Inuit community located on the northern tip of Baffin Island near the eastern entrance to the Northwest Passage. It overlooks Eclipse Sound and the mountains of Bylot Island, which is a migratory bird sanctuary. Situated near scenic fjords, glaciers and icebergs, Pond Inlet is famous as a great place to see large pods of narwhal. Resolute – known as ‘Qausuittuq’ in Inuktitut, which means the ‘place with no dawn’ because of the long winter night this far north. It is also the ‘place with no sunset’ in the summertime! Resolute is the second most northerly community in Nunavut and Canada. The many little islands and big arctic waters nearby are special habitats for numerous nesting birds and large migrating pods of beluga whales. Resolute is home to some of the greatest Inuit hunters in the world. Pond Inlet, Nunavut - Michelle Valberg Experience authentic adventure in Nunavut’s capital. Meet the locals in Iqaluit while you explore the town. You will experience 3-4 activities unique to the season. Summer and winter offer two very different experiences. Winter Highlights (December to June): • Historical & Cultural Tour of Iqaluit • Snowmobiling Excursion • Dog Sledding Excursion Summer Highlights (July to September): • Historical & Cultural Tour of Iqaluit • Arctic flora hiking excursion • Sea Kayaking Excursion on the Arctic Ocean Day 1: Montreal/Ottawa - Iqaluit Day 2: Iqaluit sightseeing Day 3: Iqaluit sightseeing Day 4: Iqaluit - Montreal/Ottawa Package includes: 3 nights accommodation, return flights from Ottawa or Montreal to Iqaluit, expedition-grade apparel and required equipment, trail snacks during excursions, sightseeing and activities as listed above for applicable season Nunavut - Jason van Bruggen Please refer to pricing insert for dates and prices. Inukpak Outfitting A territory larger than life, Nunavut’s horizon stretches into infinity. The tremendous beauty of the arctic landscape is the result of the last glacial era. The land is made up of vast expanses of tundra, an immense ocean, small friendly towns and breathtaking scenery. Up here, the caribou pursues their ancestral migratory trails, and the polar bear is still king of the ice. Since 2011, Inukpak Outfitting has been offering personally tailored, unforgettable guided experiences off the beaten path throughout the Southern Baffin region. You will engage with the Inuit culture, people and the Arctic geography in ways that are truly authentic and memorable. Specializing in dog sledding, Inukpak Outfitting offers a wide range of amazing guided services, such as historical and cultural tours, snowmobiling, ice fishing, igloo building, Northern Lights viewing, hiking, canoeing, sea kayaking, fishing and much more. Experience a private, all-inclusive Winter/Summer Arctic Discovery tour and ask about Discovery Programs. Trips include flights, accommodations, specialized expedition equipment, daily guided excursions. Pricing on request Unique Experience 135