Canada - English Volume 2 Issue 1 - Page 29

PERSONAL CARE SKIN Night Cream Combination Skin Cleanser Combination Skin Designed to revitalize skin during sleep, Night Cream for Combination Skin features natural seed extracts in a lightweight formula for optimal results. Our Cleanser for Combination Skin gently washes away contaminants and removes excess oil with a blend of nourishing plant essences and grapefruit extract. • Helps rejuvenate skin with botanical extracts and light moisturizing agents • Gently cleanses without irritation or stripping your skin of essential moisture • Enriches and protects skin to deliver an appearance that looks and feels beautiful • Rich in vitamins and an infusion of tonic plants to nurture your skin while removing oil and dirt $38.99 $15.99 50 mL 125 mL Day Lotion Combination Skin Toner Combination Skin Our formula is crafted with glycerin, non-nanoparticle zinc oxide and walnut seed extract to condition and even out the appearance of your skin tone. Made with hydrating and nourishing resurrection plant extract, our formula rebalances your skin • Remodels the appearance of the skin’s texture while controlling oil and shine throughout the day • Refreshing spray promotes the delivery of moisture and enriching nutrients • A lightweight formula designed to lock in moisture • Gently softens skin and helps it retain moisture $24.99 50 mL $18.99 115 mL 29