news ROWDY CITY TEENS PUSH UBA TO PEN BOOK. A BY Sineke Sibanda Computer Science student is set to launch a book this September in order to reach out and arm young minds with upright values to manoeuvre safely through teenhood. According to the author, Tinashe Makuti, the book Effective Teen is a book which tackles the issues faced by every teenager out there and its focus is on creating an awareness in the young person’s mind about the dangers of living a reckless life. Makuti said: “The main thing that pushed me to write the book is seeing the level of brainwashing in young minds. Visit BC (Bulawayo Centre) on the last Saturday of any holiday you will see rowdy teenagers doing all sorts of stuff.” This book is Christian oriented and bases all its assertions on the Bible. It starts with an introduction of thought patterns highlighting how we think and the importance of our thoughts. This introduction allows the reader to understand that the only way one can effectively lead a successful life is by having a good line of thought. Makuti said the Effective Teen is a compilation of how he managed to wade through his teen-age period. The book tackles issues on alcohol, pornography, social media, premature relationships, vision formula- tion, setting goals, practicing the will of God among other answers to some pertinent questions that teenagers ask. “With the book I hope to get to a w