A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR Y et again we find ourselves in the midst of campus moments’ second issue. Thanks to the dedicated and tireless team for giving all their best to the compilation of this edition. The input by one hand helps several lives hence I am happy that everyone who is going to tour through this magazine will find it helpful in their academic, social, economic and political lives. As a magazine, we thrive to bring the reality about student lives and society at large. We believe that a successful adult being is nurtured from an appropriate academic field which embodies sociopolitical and economic aspects. This motivates us to know your creativity while at school level and further showcase your talents to the market. Campus Moments is always looking forward to promoting, acknowledging and amplifying your talents, and the best thing is for you to be part of this vibrant community. To further improve the quality of our magazine, the campus moments board is inviting all those who are interested in contributing in the magazine. We believe this might increase the speed to which we publish our future publications and hopefully reduce the workloads put on our current team. We will be pleased to get stories and articles from you so that our magazine is more interesting. We need you to make it a success and to know what is happening around you because we may not have eyes everywere and we wish you could be. Campus moments is also expecting to run weekly radio podcasts. The idea is to enhance our debate society as we seek to engage everyone on campus and around the world. Further arrangements will be advised on our online platforms. We hope you appreciate and enjoy the work of your fellow colleagues Editor Lackson Munkombwe .