focus The Unwritten Rules Of Internship 1. Write Everything Down Never step into your boss’s office without a notebook. Even if it’s writing down their coffee order, your boss expects you to remember everything the first time. ows you are committed to your job and really impresses your coworkers. 2. You are new. You have no actual work experience. You do NOT have all the answers to all the questions and no one expects you to. So, jumping into the middle of a conversation with how you would solve the problem will most likely end poorly. If you are asked specifically for your input on a dis- JULY 2015. CM. Page 10 cussion, by all means provide it. This is your opportunity to shine. 3.Don’t Always Ask Questions Your co-workers always encourage you to ask questions, but not stupid ones. Never ask a question you are fully capable of answering yourself. Always go the extra mile and try to solve a problem yourself. Do research, consult your notes- do whatever you have to before asking for help. Doing so will show you are dedicated to being a