Calvert County Times September 07, 2017 - Page 6

6 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, September 7, 2017 County Advances Purchase of $1.2 Million Rescue Boat Public Hearing to Be Held By Dick Myers Editor The Calvert County Board of Coun- ty Commissioners (BOCC) has tenta- tively decided to provide funding for a new rescue boat for the North Beach Volunteer Fire Department. That de- partment’s Boat 1 was removed from service following an accident on July 4, 2014. Cost for the new, 44-foot boat is $1.2 million. The county has already budgeted $325,000 for a new boat. Ad- ditionally, there’s a Maryland Depart- ment of Natural Resources $101,500 grant available and North Beach VFD has $154,900 of insurance payments. The original plan was for North Beach to pony up an additional $102,000, but since then they have had to expend $200,000 for other apparatus and are tapped out. After extensive discussion, the BOCC was ready to vote for the re- maining $618,000 appropriation when they were reminded by staff that it needed a public hearing first. The pub- lic hearing is required for a budget amendment to use the county’s desig- nated fund balance. The commissioners decided to pay the cost of the boat upfront in order to secure a four-to-five percent discount off the total price. The plan is to seek grant funding to eventually cover all or part of the total cost. The decision came after assurances from North Beach VFD Chief Joey Keller and Assistant Chief Chris Mills that training would be in place for the operation of the new boat. As part of the process, Fire, Rescue, EMS Divi- sion Coordinator James Richardson said a consultant was hired to do an assessment of the county’s maritime needs, including training. Commissioner Vice President Evan Slaughenhoupt, Jr. questioned the progress of the marine rescue train- ing. The BOCC was told that its cur- rently handled by each department, but county-wide coordinated training would be initiated so that members from each department would be avail- able to man the new boat. Mills, who is a charter board cap- tain, said the larger boat was neces- sary to handle the potential for large rescues. He said recently a charter boat was taking on water and it had 17 passengers on board, yet the tem- porary vessel the department is using for rescues can only hold six people in addition to the crew. “The one (boat) we have now is not safe,” he said. In supporting the purchase, Com- missioner Pat Nut FW"6B( FR&6&RG&V6W&W26V6G2( ХFR6VGFW2V7V66W76gVǐGFVFVBF6F7BFR'F&V6ddBFfBWBFR6&7V7F6W2`FV"#B&B66FVBF6זW'46VGFW2W@F֗&62GWVB2gWGW&R7F7G&pF'f7F"'V'@&V"F6&W2&6'wWV&@7Ffbw&FW FW7FRFR7G'VvvW2vF6&涖rFVfV6R'VBЦvWG2f"62W2B6'2&VrfW'v&VBFR2gff66BFBGWVB&fW"Чf"7FF7F2fF&FFRЦfV6RBv6FVRFFRf&W6VV&RgWGW&R( FRgWGW&RbffF2W&RB&fW"( Х"F6&W2&6FR6FBbFRfF7G&7Bbv6wF6BvVFW6F&r( FR֗76W&RB&fW"2'6WFVǜ*7&F6( Х&67RBFR6WFW&'BvW VGV6F6VFW"FvFW&r76&VB'FPGWVL*'FW'6FR&6R26WBF6VRw&wFFRV"gWGW&RBBFR6RBv267W7FVBFV'27B'WB7F*6vf6BFR&R6'22'&vrFRFWfVV@FVf"G2WrVgƖgBVƖ6FW"FR4S0r7FƖg&6Ɩf&FGWVB2&66BFB6VFW2Wr'26֖rFFR&VआR6FVBFFR6FVVBFWfVVB`FR#R7Fw&VVB&7&gB6&R`6'&W"FWVB2FW"W&w&BGWЦVB&fW"FBW2BFR6VFW"f"ffF( F22&VǒFRgWGW&RbffFVЦVB"77FV2FBvR6V6g&&7&g@6'&W'2( &6FBFRvFW&r( FR6( 2FPƖ֗B( Ф֖ƗF'67G'V7F&V7G26FVRFP&6R&66BWfVFVvFW&R26W&W2'VBЦvWB6'Fff"6F&V7G26W'f6RvFRbFRC2r&Ɩ'VFr67G'V7FVVG0FRg2FW&R2W7BCCSR֖Ɩf&RFR&V7FVB##FVfV6R'VFvWB6B&6FR&V7G26FVr6ǒ6VFRWpv"f"FR#R&'&62f"6'2Ɨfr&6R&fVVG2FFRFF2FW7B&vRB&6RFrbC֖ƖBfǒ6WFbFPGf6VB&FGRf6ƗGv62CS֖Ɩ&V7B&6*6B( FW&^( 2Bbf7W2vN( 2VrB&fW"( R6B( FRV62VVG2F&RvW&PFWBFRWf"FR7B7BBFN( 0vN( 2VrB&fW"( Ф6VG6֗76W"FFB&v6VB`&6vW&Rff"bVvvr6&VB6W'f6W2"6fƖ2"6vfW&VG2FrfW"vFW"6WvW"BVV7G&6WFƗFW2"6W'f6W2ƖR6@6&RL*W6r&v6BFW"FBFRWG&ƗF6֗2Ч626vVBB2vFVBFFRfW"vFW B6WvW"6W'f6RFFR&6R'WB6B&V6W6PFRg2BW&W76VBvƖvW72FfW7Bখ&frFR&6Rg&7G'V7GW&R&66BRvVBƖRF6VR&WfW'6bF@Ɩ7'WBRv2V7W&Rr6&VB6W'f6W2FV6VB&Rv&VBWB( FN( 2W7FǒvW&RvRVVBFv( &66B( ĒvBFvWBWBg&VFW&VFFVƖrvFg&7G'V7GW&R( Х&66BF2vVBrFf7W2&RfVWBBffF&VFW72&6&6VBFR&V6&BbGWVB26ЦVG&VF2'WBGW&R&V6VfVB6G0&WBFR6FVVBG&ff22BFR&6RvFW0V6&rBWfVr6RbF26W2g&VvFVVB6V7W&G&2ЧF6W2R6BvR6vVFvrFBFRg6VBF&RF'&r676fVB&w&2@7FfFW2WG6FRFRvFRF&VGV6RFRV@bG&ff2FBBF6R&&BV6F&vFVBFBFW&RvW&R&WB37V&RfVWBbVGff6R76Rf&R66RFPg'&VvB7FfFW26FRFR6V7W&GRЧ&WFW"6WfW&V'2v( Ē6( BVfRגR&WGvVVFRW'2b7Bg( 6B&6w&VV&W&rFrFBFP6VGB&vR7VffW'2g&FRG&ff220V62F6R6VVr&6R66W72( WBFR6VGv^( &RvFW&rvF06( B&VrW6VB&R( w&VV&W&r6BF֗GFrFBFW&RvW&RBf&2FVƖ&FRFRG&ff2&&V2&66BBv2&&VRvVBv&( FN( 2VBB6V"FVv( &66BFW"&&V&6RR6Bv2FRvp'VFrg&7G'V7GW&Rv62FRBFff7V@FFVvFFR( V&"Bf~( bFRv&f&6PFW&R2&V7G26R"&R6WFVB( FW&RVVG2F&R&RGV&G( &66B( W"g&7G'V7GW&RBf6ƗFW2&RW7BB2fWЦ&R( FR&WV&VVG2WG6RFR76R7@7F6W2( ХFVv&6R&VƖvVBB67W&R&6W70%$22BFRF&R&vBr6w&W72&66BFBFBB7FGFVFVW2g&6prFR6VG6&FV7BG6Vbg&FR2Ч6&ƗGFBFR&6R6R&w&2"7FfFW0b%$2&VB67W'&VB&66BFR&W7B7G&FVwv2F6FVRF'V@&VF62BFW2vFFRgFBvVBVV7W&RBvVBB&R6V7FFRvg&FP6VG( 2&vvW7BV6֖2VvR( ĶVWFrvBRF( &66BFFpvWfW"FBGWVB227G&r&V6&B`vrB%$2( ĒF7F'GFW'2( &66B( FBWG0RBBb&WGG7G&r6F( ЦwWV&D6VGFW2W