Calvert County Times September 07, 2017 - Page 15

In Our Community The Calvert County Times Thursday, September 7, 2017 15 SMECO Holds 79th Annual Meeting Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SME- CO) held its 79th Annual Meeting on August 23, 2017, at Middleton Hall in Waldorf. The Board of Directors election was conducted by mail prior to the meeting. The following SMECO members were elected to serve on SMECO’s Board for three years: Nancy W. Zinn in Calvert County; William L. Purnell in Charles County; Daniel W. Dyer in Prince George’s County; and J. Douglas Frederick and Joseph V. Stone, Jr. in St. Mary’s County. No bylaw amend- ments were included on this year’s ballot. In 2016, SMECO members voted to amend the by- law that outlines requirements for meetings and vot- ing, and this year’s election was conducted entirely by mail. Ballots were mailed to customer-members on July 21, and they were instructed to return their ballots by mail by August 16. Nearly 9,500 mem- bers voted, and election results were announced at the meeting. In his remarks, SMECO’s president and CEO, Austin J. Slater, Jr., explained that an electric coop- erative’s customer-members have the ability to vote each year for their representatives who serve on the board. While SMECO has approximately 137,000 members, last year only 882 members registered at the meeting or by absentee mail-in ballot. Nearly 11 times as many members voted in this year’s election. In other matters, Slater said that SMECO has installed 120,000 new smart meters at homes and businesses throughout Southern Maryland. SMECO expects the new meters to improve outage response time, increase effi ciency, and save money. A capi- tal credit general refund of $2.85 million was issued to members last month, “just one more advantage our members enjoy by being part of a cooperative,” Slater said. In addition, he explained that the cost of power has declined and is now lower than it has been for more than 12 years. SMECO’s distribution costs will also be reduced by almost $2 million upon approval of a recent rate fi ling. According to Slater, at a Public Service Commis- sion hearing held on J Vǒ#R4T4&V6&FVBFP&W7B66&RFR7FFRf"FRV&W"bWFvW2F@67W'&VBGW&r#b4T46WB7FFP7FF&G2f"6W'f6R&W7F&FGW&r&VwV"ЦW&F2B"7F&WfVG2FR6W&FfP&W'FVBFBFRfW&vRFRf"4T47W2ЧFW"6&R6VFW"&W&W6VFFfRF7vW"P62ǒ#6V6G2BRW&6VBb62&P7vW&VBvF36V6G2BFRVVWFr4T47FVBf&ЧFF72&WBG26'BWFW'2BVrФU"'B&w&2v6V7W7FW'26fPVW&wBW&6&BvW"6&bFR4T4&&BbF&V7F'2vV6VB4RФ4( 27W7FW"V&W'2FFRWfVBB6VBFPVWFrF&FW"W&W7B&VbV&GFv6W'fVB2FRVWFp6&&RR0VB66RwVW7@7VW"FW64TbFRF'RЧ&VV7G&26W&FfP766FV6VB6BЦW.( 2&V&2B&VFW&BЦVBFRfVRb6W&ЧFfRV&W'6BFP7W7FW'>( &ƗGFfFPf"FV"&&BbF&V2ЧF'27W7FW"V&W'0v&WGW&VBFV"&ЦG2vW&RVƖv&RFvRbcVV7G&2&7&VFG2bCSV6&Vr&RFR&W7VG2`FRfFrखVwW&F7FRbFP&V6W26WBf"6WBFRf'7BWfW"F7FRFR&V6W0v&RVB6GW&F6WFV&W"g&RBV( 2fVB6W6VR&V6( F7FRFR&V6W>( 2fW7FfvW&R6&W7FW&G2&vPB7&G2w&VV7&r'&WvW'B7V6G7&gBWW'G2&RЦrFvWFW"F6v66RFV"&BЧV7G2B6W'f6W2GFVFVW2v&R&RF6PfBF2W&66R&VW"bvRW&RFvfVVW27V626W6ЧVR&7FW"7VFfF6Ц6WG4$52&vW6WVЦBFR6W6VR&V6&vG&V&&R&WBvBFPGv&V6( 2BFV"'W6W76W0fRFffW"FRFBFRFЦ6VB6W6VR&V6vFW"&v&R66VBf"FR6V6gFW 6WFV&W"GF6VFW'FVBv6VFPW6WFR&VW27GƖw2`VWFW26W7F2W62'Vvv'GW'FR2vV2FW"Ц6W66'G2W&f&6W2FW&Pv&R&ffRG&vw2f"&W2FRG2RvfR&vRЦfF&RFV&R6ƖFR6W6VPW&Bf6RFr'7&SFfPV6W2&&VFR&FRW"Цf&֖r&'B7V6wVW7@V&6W2'6G&V( 2ff&FP6&7FW'26R66RG'V6BV6&RWW&V6RBW&RW"vЦFW&gV&V6g&BFv2'&w6RFP62B6VRW"W6WV2gFW"Чv&G27F'6&W7FW&G2F&Vf6BFR&V6W2"vƲFV &&GvƷ2( F7FRFR&V6W>( fW2ЧFf2FFBRvBv@F֗72V( 2fVB2B3#Rv&F7FWGBfVVR6W6VR&V6B#s3"FRWrWfVB2&VpWB'FRFvb6W6VP&V66W&FvFFRFvb'F&V66fW'B6VGR6VBf&R7rrsBfFW06&W26VGR6VBf&Rf7F""V"3"fFW0VWFr7&723fFW0vƖW&V"ÓcrfFW07&r&VW"3fFW0&6RvV&v^( 26VGR6VBf&RFVrGW"rSbfFW07B'( 26VGGv6VG2f&RWfb'W&W2#2fFW0FVv2g&VFW&6b#sbfFW06Wb7FR"b#bfFW0g&4T4WBbFRvVVTUB%%T𤆒FW&RגR2''VB( tDU$eTFBW66WЦW&B֗( fR&VV76VBg&W6RFW6Rג6'BƖfRvWB6W6FVBvFVRFB&V6R&V6r&@VfW"'WB( 4%BBvЦrFV&B&VGw26P&626G2( B&Rw&VBrЦvr"&r'FW"B( B&RW"ЦfV7Bf"7FfRW6VB( e$TDŒ$vVVG27F&ƗGB&WFRF&Rג&W7BW7BVV@6VRƖRRF6rRrF&RFRvVFVv2VBF&RT4R44RRB&VV&W"bFW&R2&FPV'BFW&R2&FRW6RFVWBRV6Rf6BFRvFW"ЦgVvrBG&6VG6VFW csr6VFW"&BVvW2ЧfR"63ӓ3"s2f"&RЦf&FFVWB&RbגЦrg&VG2f&Rf"FF( Ɩ^( W2f6V&G&6VG6VFW"6WFW&B