Calvert County Times October 05, 2017 - Page 6

6 Cops & Courts The Calvert County Times Thursday, October 5, 2017 Calvert Man’s Wildlife Calvert County Sheriff’s Rehab Shutdown Final Office Crime Report Ronald Gene Wexler By Guy Leonard Staff Writer Ronald Gene Wexler, whose wildlife rehabilitation practice in Lusby was shut- down last year by the Maryland Depart- ment of Natural Resources (DNR) be- cause he was practicing veterinary medi- cine without a license, was dealt another blow last week when an administrative law judge rejected his appeal. Wexler, 68, of Lusby, had also been found guilty of possessing numerous con- trolled dangerous substances in Calvert County District Court. He was fined $500 for practicing vet- erinary medicine without a license and a received a suspended six month jail sen- tence, according to DNR, last October for the drug possession charges. The investigation into Wexler’s op- erations at the Orphaned Wildlife Rescue Center Inc. began in 2015 when wildlife officials from the state and federal govern- ment searched his facility based on a tip, DNR officials said. They “found wild animals roaming freely and defecating in the living quar- ters, animals that should have been eutha- nized due to the extent of their injuries, animals on which Wexler had performed surgery and an osprey held in a cage much too small, which led to muscle atrophy,” DNR reported. The search also revealed drugs to in- clude oxycodone, Demerol, pentobarbital, and fentanyl for which Wexler had no pre- scription or licenses, DNR reported. “Wexler goes by the name “Doc” and referred to himself as a veterinarian on his web site, however he does not have a vet- erinary license,” according to DNR. Wexler had appealed the DNR shut- down in November but the evidence and his prior convictions led to the permanent revocation of his rehabilitation permit by Judge Tameika Lunn-Exinor, DNR stated. Deputies Receive Certificates of Appreciation Members of the 11 SSPTS Security Support Squadron from Joint Base An- drews presented Certificates of Appre- ciation on Sept 28 to several deputies of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office. The show of appreciation was in response to several hours of law enforcement train- ing that was provided to the Security Forces Airmen. Major Liggett was on hand to pres- ent the certificates to Corporal Bri Gray, Deputy First Class Roscoe Kreps, Deputy First Class Mark Robshaw, and Corporal Tony Moschetto. Major Liggett stated, “The partnership enjoyed by the Calvert deputies and our unit is invaluable.” From CCSO Pictured from left to right F/Sgt. Ricky Cox, SMsgt Jeremy Klemme, Cpl. Bri Gray, Major Alexander Liggett, Dfc. Roscoe Kreps, SSgt. Courtney Corral, SSgt. Jeremy Smith, and Captain David Payne. During the week of September 18 – September 24 – deputies of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office responded to 1, 211 calls for service throughout the community. ARRESTS: On September 18, 2017 Deputy Gott responded to Patuxent Camp Sites located on Williams Wharf Road, Saint Leon- ard for a trespass- ing complaint. Af- Morrow ter speaking with the complainant, they advised Stephen Morrow (46) of Broomes Island was on the property after already being issued a no trespass order. Mr. Morrow was lo- cated in front of one the trailers, where he was placed under arrest and charged with trespassing. On September 19, 2017 Deputy Wil- liamson responded to a single vehicle accident at South- ern Maryland Blvd and Drury Lane. While making contact with the driver identified as Amber Stoneman Stoneman (21) of Prince Fred- erick, Corporal McCarroll located para- phernalia on the front passenger seat of the vehicle. A search of Stoneman’s vehicle was conducted where more par- aphernalia was located; Stoneman was then placed under arrest and transport- ed to the detention center. 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