Calvert County Times October 05, 2017 - Page 5

Thursday, October 5, 2017 Planners Finally Approve Chick-fi l-A Looks like the Prince Frederick Chick-fi l-A will be fl ying after all. The Calvert County Planning Commission after several postponements, unani- mously approved the new fast-food restaurant at their Sept. 21 meeting. The new 4,795-square-foot building will be located on two parcels total- ing 1.76 acres. The two parcels will have to be combined into one parcel before the fi nal site plan can be ap- proved, according to the motion by the planning commission. Department of Planning and Zoning Principal Planner Judy Mackall told the commission members, “The applica- tion was tabled by the Planning Com- mission at the August 16,2017 regular meeting due to a ‘Stop Work’order for grading and tree removal on the Ruby Tuesday’s site. The grading permit for the Ruby Tuesday’s site has been ap- proved and issued, the replat for the removal of the trees has been received, and associated bonds posed. The Stop Work order was lifted on September 9, 2017.” The Ruby Tuesday is next to the two lots for the Chick-fi l-A, which has an address listed as 806 & 810 Solomons Island Road, Entrances to the new res- taurant will be off Solomons Island Road and Costley Way. The fast-food restaurant will have 80 parking spaces, with three being handicapped. A 15-percent variance reduction was allowed by the county zoning offi cer, in conformance with county regulations. The approval was contingent on the applicant receiving all needed permits, combining the two parcels and pos- sibly being required to do additional plantings. Once everything is com- pleted the Department of Planning and Zoning can give an administrative ap- proval for the fi nal site plan. 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Governor Boyd Ruther- ford, Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary George W. Owings, III of Calvert County , Maryland Department of General Services Secretary Ellington Churchill, Jr., and Maryland Department of Transportation Secretary Pete K. Rahn. In addition, Commissioner Leonard Kirk, American Ex-POW was in attendance. The ceremony, held at 9:00AM outside of the Wineland Building in Annapolis, in- cluded brief remarks, a moment of silence, and raising of the POW/MIA fl ag. During the Maryland 2017 Legislative Session, Governor Hogan signed HB664/ SB579 in to law. The law, introduced by Senator James Mathias, Delegate Teresa Reilly, requires the Secretary of General Services and the Secretary of Transpor- tation to fl y the POW/MIA fl ag on the grounds of certain State buildings when- ever the United States fl ag is fl own. The legislation was signed into law by Gov- ernor Hogan on April 11 and took effect October 1, 2017. “This legislation is a tribute to the men and women who have fought for our coun- try,” said Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford. “In displaying the POW/MIA fl ag at state buildings across the state, we honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifi ce for our freedom.” “The M aryland Department of Veter- ans Affairs recognizes the sacrifi ce of our service men and women,” said Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary George Owings. “Today, as the POW/ MIA fl ag is raised outside of MDVA Headquarters, we pay homage to those who suffered as prisoners of war or who remain missing in action so that we, as a nation, may remain free.” “We must always remember those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces,” said DGS Secretary Ellington Churchill. “Flying the POW/MIA fl ag with the U.S. fl ag honors service members who were prisoners of war (POW), service members missing in action (MIA), and their fami- lies and reminds us of the American val- ues for which they fought.” “Throughout Maryland’s transporta- tion network, MDOT will proudly fl y the POW/MIA fl ag and remind Marylanders to take a minute to remember these excep- tional American heroes,” said Transporta- tion Secretary Pete K. 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