Calvert County Times October 05, 2017 - Page 4

4 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, October 5, 2017 Dominion Under Fire Again at Public Hearing Public Service Commission Considering Permit Changes By Dick Myers Editor Although the Dominion Energy Cove Point LNG fa- cility is expected to go online next year, it is still in the crosshairs of opponents. The persistent opposition was given another stage with a public hearing by the Mary- land Public Service Commission (PSC) for two proposed changes to the PSC approvals in 2014. The Oct. 2 hearing at Patuxent High School in Lusby featured more than 50 speakers when it was called to an end after three hours by Chief Public Utility Law Judge Terry Romine. She said there were 17 speakers signed up who hadn’t spoken. When asked from the audience if there would be another public hearing, she said she would have to discuss it with the full commission. Before the hearing began, Romine said that the PSC would consider the application at a Nov. 15 hearing in Baltimore. Dominion’s request in the PSC public notice was of- ficially described as “1) remove an unnecessary emission limit as a specific condition and 2) allow for operational flexibility to maintain reliability of the project specifically to permit the use of existing combustion turbines to sup- ply backup power if needed.” The first speaker, County Commissioner Vice Presi- dent Evan Slaughenhoupt, Jr. brought his board’s support for the amended application. He said, “First, it will im- prove the plant’s ability to respond if there is a power out- age at the site.  It is certainly logical to make sure the fa- cility has the flexibility it needs to activate backup power capacity if or when it is required. “Second, this amendment clarifies the monitoring re- quirements for fugitive emissions.” The commissioners support was noted by several speakers who alleged it was a bribe by Dominion (the county is getting $40 million annually from the compa- ny). Others said they would express their displeasure in the polling booths next year. The proposal allows for increases in “fugitive emis- sions.” According to a prepared statement from Domin- ion, “The original application was based on a projection that there would be approximately 15,000 components.  The current projection, based on actual equipment de- livered and installed, is estimated to be approximately 162,700.  Most of this increase is attributable to small di- ameter components such as instrument valves and tubing connectors and access plugs on heat W6vW'2( Ф7BbFR7VW'2v7BFR&66VBF@FRFVF7&V6RV֗762vVB&R&gVFFRVf&VBBVFb6fW'B6VG&W6FVG2'F7V&ǒF6R66RFFRBG"&v&WBfrЦW'26WBFRFR'6r( vBF֖26r0FvW&W2( ХFRGWVBv66VFF&Vv26VBvF7W'FW'2BVG2BBf'7BF6R7VrvW&P&WBWVǒFfFVB'WBgFW"FR#F7VW"FRЦ&GFW&VgFW"vW&R6VBFFR&V7B6'FRV@bFRWfVrfW"WBbffR7VW'2vW&Rv7BV&W"b7VW'26BFRVvVW&rFB6WfW&RЦǒVFW&W7FFVBFRV֗762'FW6BW&6V@67FGWFVBVFW"( fV66^( "( WG&vBƖW>( FP'BbF֖6RbFR7VW'2FBbF֖( 2vBW&BЦr&V6&BBVvVBFBFR&6vVB7GVǐ&VGV6RV֗762VG26&vVBFBFR&VG2vW&RF֖Цv&W'2vvVB&RVfrFR&VgFW"FR&ЦV7Bv26WFRvRFR&W6FVG2vVB&R7GV6vFFR&W7VG2FVfVW72FW7FfVB( R2W&R&V6W6RFWfRFFW&RW&RFV"vg&VRv( ФVG2Ɨ7FVBVRbFVFF2V֗760FB6VB6W6RVF&&V27V6266W"BVЧ6VFW'26BFRBvVB&R&gVFFPVFb6V"6FV2B6G&V2vV22F֖FVW2FBvBB2&6rvVB&P&gVFFR6VG&W&VB7FFVVBFW6B( DT5F֖VW&w6fRB2W"Цf&VBWFFVBFVƖrFV7G&FrFBFRf6ЦG7FvB6W6R"6G&'WFRFF&V@"VƗG7FF&B7&VVBW6VVF6RƖWv6RFPWFFVB'BF2"WFBFVƖr6w0V֗762g&FRf6ƗGvBGfW'6Vǒ7BV"ЦƖ2VF( Ф&W6FVG2&RV6f6VBG&6vVFW7FЦfVB( ėB2'&W"FRFBFr7&V6VBV֗2Ч622vrFffV7BW"VF( ЦF6זW'46VGFW2W@F֗76CG2"bVFW"g&VP@@ 7FУ