Calvert County Times October 05, 2017 - Page 16

16 Calendars The Calvert County Times Calendar Community Friday, October 6 Pork Riblet Dinner 3330 Chesapeake Beach Road East, Route 260, Chesapeake Bch. 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM The American Legion’s World-Famous Riblets with all the trimmings, Salad, Roll, and Beverage for only $12. Join us for this informal event from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. in the Lower Level Dining Hall at the Chesapeake Beach American Legion Stallings-Williams Post 206, on Route 260. Public warmly welcomed. For more information, call 410-257- 9878. www.ALPost “Laughter on the 23rd Floor” Long Beach Community Center, 5845 Calvert Boulevard, St. Leonard, MD 20685 7:00 PM New Direction Community Theater will present Neil Simon’s Broadway hit “Laughter on the 23rd Floor” on Friday and Saturday, October 6-7 and 13-14. Performances are at the Curtain time is 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 for adults and $12 for students and senior citizens, and may be purchased online at http://ndctheater. org. Saturday, October 7 Maker’s Market Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM The Maker’s Market is THE place to find handmade, homemade, or homegrown products….crafts, hanging baskets, or- ganic skincare products, farm fresh produce, cut flowers, baked goods, ba- tik and fleece clothing, handmade soaps and candles, herbal teas, ornaments, fol- kart, handmade gifts, and more! Delight in the local treasures to be found here! Admission is free! Interested in having a booth at one of our markets? Email or call us to learn more! www.annmarie-, 410-326-4640 Emmanuel UMC Yard Sale 1250 Emmanuel Church Rd., Hunting- town, MD 20936 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM Rain or Shine come visit and take ad- vantage of our, priced to sell, furniture, toys, clothes, shoes, books, domestics, kitchen ware, tools, holiday items and valuable collectibles. We’ll also have dog hot lunches available to purchase. Questions please call (410) 535-3177 Calvert Artists’ Guild at PRAD Calvert Marine Museum,14200 Solo- mons Island Road, Solomons, MD 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM The public is invited to enjoy and pur- chase the artworks of a dozen of the talented artists of Southern Maryland in mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, clay, textile, and jewelry. The Calvert Artists’ Guild was founded in 1978 to promote the appreciation and practice of fine arts and crafts in Calvert County. The guild sponsors art shows, field trips, workshops, and an annual art award to a high-school senior interested in the arts. For additional information, please contact the following persons: Jan Barr 443-404-5746 or Gerry Wood 301-863-9663 gbwood2@ Patuxent River Appreciation Days Calvert Marine Museum 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Celebrate 40 weekends of enjoying the Patuxent River! Patuxent River Appre- ciation Days promises FREE family fun with boat rides, toy boat building, arts & crafts fair, great food, and live music. Small fee for face painting and pony rides. Celebrate the Bounty of the Patuxent in the Corbin Pavilion from noon—4:00 pm on Saturday with local wine tasting and local produce. PRAD Parade is Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Texas Holdem and Cash Games Julie Rogers Studio of Dance 4120 Old Town Rd, Huntingtown, MD 20639 7:00 PM TEXAS HOLDEM and CASH GAMES to benefit the Patricia Leone Rogers Ed- ucational Scholarship Fund. Doors open at 6pm and game starts at 7 pm. Buy in is $80 gets you $12,000 in chips and blinds are 20 minutes each and start at 25-50. Early registration before 6:45 gets you an extra $1000 in chips. $10 50/50 gets you an additional $3000 in chips. Re-buys up until the FIRST BREAK!! Food, beer and sodas included!! “Laughter on the 23rd Floor” Long Beach Community Center, 5845 Calvert Boulevard, St. Leonard, MD 20685 7:00 PM New Direction Community Theater will present Neil Simon é ɽ݅䁡+q1՝ѕȁѡɐˊtɥ)Mɑ䰁=ѽȀش܁̴и)Aəɵ́ɔЁѡ хѥ(܁Q́ɔԁȁձ́)ȁՑ͕́ȁѥ镹̰)ɍ͕Ё輽ѡѕȸ)ɜ)Mչ䰁=ѽȀ)T ɔѼЁ ɕ( ͅ Iа)Iє ͅ (44)ѥ͕ѡ́䁉ɔѡ)̰ݥѠյ䁉ɕЁ)ɥ!Ё ̰MͅMɅ) MɅ̰!ɥ̰) ͍ե̰եа !ѕ)ѡɥ1ᥱ䁙ɽ(Ѽѡȁٕ)I ͅ )IєAՉ]ձ̀)̀شȀ쁭́չȀ؁ɕ )5́ݥمȁ)Q͑䰁=ѽȀ԰)QՉЁȁٕЁѥѼȁ չ Ȱ͔ѥ͍չ)ѥ̹ЁݥѠѡѥх́ȁѡ5ɥȁѼȁQ͑Չѥ)ɝȁɵѥܴ(ܹ1Aعɜ)AᕹЁIٕȁɕѥ) ٕЁ5ɥ5͕մ(4A4) Ʌєݕ́她ѡ)AᕹЁIٕȄAᕹЁIٕȁɔ)ѥ́ɽ͕́I)ոݥѠЁɥ̰ѽ䁉Ёե)̀Ʌ́ȰɕЁٔ)ͥMȁѥ)ɥ̸ Ʌєѡ չ䁽ѡ)AᕹЁѡ ɉA٥ɽ)PMɑݥѠ)ݥхѥɽՍAI)AɅ́Mչ䁅Ѐ) ٕЁѥϊdեЁAI) ٕЁ5ɥ5͕մM)́%ͱIM̰5(4A4)QՉ́٥ѕѼ䁅ȴ)͔ѡݽɭ́镸ѡ)хѕѥ́Mѡɸ5居)յ́Ս́݅ѕɍȰ履)䰁ѕѥݕ丁Q ٕ)ѥϊdե݅́չѼ)ɽєѡɕѥɅѥ)́Ʌ́ ٕЁ չ)Qեͽ́Ё̰͡ɥ̰)ݽɭ̰͡ՅЁ݅ɐѼ)͍͕ȁѕɕѕѡ)̸ȁѥɵѥ͔)хЁѡݥͽ) (̴д؁թйЁ)]Ĵ̴́ݽ)ٕɥ齸)QЁ1ٕ́ѡЁ5ѕ(eɑȸAɥɕɥ5((44)QUхɥUٕͅЁ ɔ)ѥѡ ͅUU )͕ѼЁ٥ͥѥѕȁȸ)5LɅѼ͍́܁ݔ)ѡЁٕ́܁ѡ䁵ѕ)Mչ䰁=ѽȀѠ]́UT)䰁չٕͅ䁥ȁѠ)չ丁]хЁѡݽѠ)䁽ٕͽ=)ɕ́ɽ́ѡЁЁͻeЁд)ѕȁݡѡȁ́ȁݡє䁽)ɅиQӊéՔЁӊéͼЁՔ)%ݔɔѥѡЁ́ȴ)хЁѼͽݔɔЁѡ)]܁ѡЃq 1ٕ́5ѕˊt)ѡЃq1ٕ́5ѕȳtЁݔe)ͅѡɵȰݔeЁѡд)ѕȸ]Ѽɕ锁Ѡ)䁅չٕͅ䰁ѡЃqtх)ձѥՑ̸QUхɥUٕͅ) ɕѥѡ ͅ)ݼMչ́ѠЀ)ѡeɑ!́ չ ѕȰ(eɑɥٔAɥɕɥ)5A͔٥ͥЁȁݕͥєܸ)QUU ɜȁĴ)ɵѥɔݕ) ͥѡ)=ȁ1MхȁѡM ɍɽ)ݸԁᅹȁMиM̰5((A4A4)%ɅѥѡЁMиɅ̰)ѡȁ5ݥ́́ݡ)ѕ1ٔ5ͥ)ձMQ4)ɥMձɔɑ) ѕ(A4A4)Aɕ͍ɕѡȁɕх)ɔ٥ѕѼ٥ͥЁѡ1Ё)ɥȁ̵ٕѥѥ́)̸͕ͥݥ)ɕɔ͕ٔͬՕѥ̰)ɕѥ́Ёѡݽɱ)ɽչѡ́ѡ䁍ɕє)]eٕѥє́MQ7P)͍ѕ䰁ɥа)ѠAəЁȁѽ́ɔ)̸͍ɕͥ쁹ɕɄ)ѥɕեɕЁɽܹ)ɥɑɜ)͵ѱIʹɥ) MՑ)5MиAѕˊéAɥ͠) QՕI1͉䰁5(A4A4) Ց䁽q1٥Ѽe)ɕ͵ѱIʹɤ)t ѡɥ5̸=ɕݼ)ɵ̰ѠɔѼĤٔ)Ց䁽Mչ䁅ѕɹ́ѡ)Aɥ͠!ɽÊP=ѽ(Q9ٕȀȸݕݥ)ɔՕЁ͍ͥȁɽѡ)չ一Ȥ=ɽ)͍ͥݥɕ]̴)䁕ٕ̀āѼļԁɽѼ(5ɔ́ݥ܁)ѡ=ѽȁ5ѡ9ͱѕȃq )ѽˊt5MиAѕˊe)AMͽɕ5)MиAѕˊé͍ ɍP) ٕͅѥ)QՕ͑䰁=ѽȀ)MMե) ٕЁ5ɥ5͕մM)́%ͱILM̰5(44(PNJP)Q́ ՙɕ)ɽɽɅȁɕ൵ѡ)Ѽ́啅́ѡȁɕ̸ٕM)ѕ)5 =QQ) չ)5MиAѕˊéAɥ͠) QՕI1͉䰁5(A4A4)Qݥѡɹ(ѠQՕ͑́ɽA4A4)Q́͡ձٕЁȁѡ͔)ѡȁ݅䁡ɽݽɬȁ݅ѥ)ȁѡȁѼ͠ѕȁ͍)ѥ٥䰁ȁ剔ԁЁٔѡѥ)ѕȁѡ䁽ȁѡQ )́مѼѡչ)䰃qȁAͽAɅȰIѥ)5хѥt