Calvert County Times May 18, 2017 - Page 14

14 The Calvert County Times Obituaries In Remembrance Susan Marie Buckmaster Susan Marie Buck- master, 92, of Chesa- peake Beach passed away May 15, 2017 at her residence. She was born February 1, 1925 in Conemaugh, PA to Har- ry Melvin and Maude Dale (Altimus) Gra- ham. She was raised in Conemaugh and gradu- ated from Conemaugh High School. Sue was employed with the FBI in Washington, D.C. She married Charles Buckmaster on March 1, 1947 and they lived and raised their family in Chesapeake Beach. Sue also waitressed at Stinnetts Restaurant and enjoyed helping out at Buckmasters Crab House in Chesapeake Beach. Sue enjoyed trips with friends and visiting her family in Pennsylvania. She also loved dancing and cooking. Sue was preceded in death by her husband Charles Maurice Buckmaster, her parents and siblings Kathleen, Bud and Harry Gra- ham, Nellie Burnat, Helen Boswell and Lola Maitland. She is survived by sons Graham Dale Buckmaster, Charles Gregory Buck- master and William Grady Buckmaster, all of Chesapeake Beach. She is also survived by grandchildren William Grady Buckmaster II, Charles Gannon Buckmaster, Kylie Gail Norfolk, Jessica Lee Souder, Michael Greg- ory Buckmaster, Charles Gavin Buckmaster and Ashley Buckmaster, eleven great-grand- children and brothers Rev. Dr. Jack Graham of NY and Gary Graham of PA. Visitation will be Thursday, May 18, 2017 2-4 p.m. and 608 p.m. at Rausch Funeral Home – Owings 8325 Mount Harmony Lane, Owings MD 20736. Funeral Services will be Friday, May 19 at 11 a.m. at the funeral home. Burial will fol- low at Mt. Harmony U.M. Church Cemetery, 155 East Mt. Harmony Road, Owings MD 20736. Memorial contributions may be made to Calvert Hospice Blanche Rebecca Midkiff Blanche Rebecca Midkiff, 78, formerly of North Beach, MD, passed away peace- fully on May 14, 2017. She was born August, 3, 1938 in Washington, D.C. to Charles and Dorothy (Tawney) Nashwinter. She was the beloved wife to Raleigh F. Midkiff, Sr., who passed away October 24, 1998. She was pre- ceded in death by her 3 daughters, Rose M. Newgent, Mitzy L. DePhillip and Helen A. Yates. She is survived by her son, Raleigh F. Midkiff, Jr., and his wife Jodi of Ocean City, MD. Also surviving are her grandchildren whom she loved very much, Sherry DePhil- lip, John Newgent, Terri DePhillip-Patterson, Teddy Yates III, Kevin Newgent, Raleigh Midkiff III, Sean Newgent, Kacie Midkiff and Michael Midkiff. She is also survived by 7 great-grandchildren. Blanche enjoyed tak- ing care of her grandchildren, canning and crocheting. Most importantly she just loved to spend time with her family. Visitation \\^KX^H N  M L LBKK]]\[\[YH H[Ž ̍H[[\[۞H[K[Q ˂[\[\X\\H\^KX^H N  M] LHKK]H[\[YK\X[]]\Y[[ܚX[\[ L MMH\Y [\Q M Y[[ܚX[۝X][ۜX^HHXYH X\x&\\[[\ MN XXHY][ۘ\ۈQ L \H[[^B\H[[^KMH[[܈]ܝ B\Y\Y]^HX^H L M]\šYK\H\ܛX^H L [^KQ[YH ZY H[\\K^B[[ݙY\KBXZHXX[ݙ[KB\و \HݙY\[Z[H[Y[[Y]XH[\[\Z\]\ˈH[YY]X\[Z[[\[[Z[ۂ܈X\H]\HY\]\&HX[B[ZYZH\Y[; H[[ܘXB[ˈH[ZHܚ]]H[H]\YY\ˈ\H\[[\YHBYܙYH[YX[X[[[Y\[Y\B\]YY \H\\]YH\\[[YH[\H\H^K[\”[K[وHYKܘ[\[X˜[X[ZYو\]\Q[XB[\[^Hو\X[ۋQ ][[[\[H[XZYRRBو\\XZHXX[Y[H[\ۂٙ\[ˋUTSPUԖH K[\[x&\“ӓHۋ\]Hܙ[X]ܞB\H\]YH[YH\B[X]Y \[[\ [H\[[  X\x&\[[H[ܙx&\[Y\“\؞H[ܝ\XXŒ[Y\X[ ̍H[[\[۞H HY\\[ L L̍NM  L LMMN H L MN L L˔]\[\[Y\˘B\^KX^H N  M•H[\[H[Y\[\[Y[\Hؚ]X\Y\\XZ]YH[\[Y\˜[XY\ˈH[[H[Hܙ\HXZ]H[K[HXZ\[ۜ]YH™^[[ۘ\[][Y\˛]Y\ۈۈ[ۙ^\X^H[[H[YZ&\Y][ۋ^HوY\XQ [\[]\B[[\[ZY[\H[][YB^K[\[\[[Y[H]\[\[Y\˂[]YHY\[]YHY\MKYYۈX^BLK M[[ܙY H\ܛ[\ܛۈ[X\H NK NLH]B\^H[\YHY\[]\˜HY[ۙ\[ۈ\XH\Y[[] B[YX\[[\Y H\˜H]\[وRH\[[HTӋ[B]\H][X[[\YYH][]Q[]\XYY[X]H\YKX\\]XX[HY\ B\[Y\[[X[HY\[\\\\ۛYˈH\\]YHYX\[XHYHYYH [X[JB[X[HX\ [\K\][ BX[HXX[H ܚJH[ۛYق]HZ[Y []YX[HܙX]YX\[\][Y[[X[H YYH ZX[JKX]]YYBܞ\[ KZX[H]]Y\ X\ KX[&Q[ ܙ][K[[Z[XX[H[X[XX[K[]\[\]YB\\\Z[[][HXX[K[\[\X\]HY]Y[Y B[Y \[[Y[H]\[\[Y\˂X\Y\Z\\X\Y\Z\\܋ KوܝXX\Y]^HX^BLK M][ܙ]ۂ[]\]H][ B\ܛ\[  NL[\[۞˜[^[ \ZY\BZ\\X\\œZ\Y[\[][Y[\Y HX\YY[Y\ۈ\[L NNLH[^H]Y[ܝXX X B\\[\YY][^H[\\B\H[[ܘ][X]\]\[[HX\H 8&\ˈX\\HY[X\قܝXX[Y\\H\\Y[܂YX\]\X\[[\[X[&\\BX][ۈ[\HY[X\وH[ق[YK[\Z\\H[YHH[YYYKBܘ\]\XX][ܘX[][[[\›[ܚYKX\\\]YH\YH[Y\K8'[x'HZ\\\[[X\K']8'HZ\\و[HY\X[X\H[HX[[H[\ؘ[ق[]\KH\XYY[X]H\˜\[۞8'Yx'HZ\\[[Y\”[[Y\Z\\[\[\[[Y[H]\[\[Y\˂Y[[ܚX[۝X][ۜX^HHXYH“ܝXX Y\X\YHYYBY\X\YHYYK و\\XZBXX\Y]^HX^BK M]\\Y[KH\ܛX^H NL[\[ۋ ˈ\[Y\ŠY^JB^[˂Y\\[\YY\H[[ۈ\\[]]B][ ؚ[\[[ۋ\; H[^\\H[]YH\[YH\ݚ[[Z[H[Y[]HXY[X[H^\ˈY\[Y\YX[BYX\]]X\]Y\[H[\BX][ۈ[[YYHY[\BXYH\KY\\XYY[X]H\\B[[X[H^[[\ۜX\[[Y\8'\x'HYYKܙX] Yܘ[]Y\[HX\[\\]HXX\\H\\]YH\ۈ\[YYB[YH]Hو\\XZHXX  ܘ[ B[[HܙX] Yܘ[[[ ܙX] YܙX]ܘ[[[]Y\[]X[HYYB[\\YX\[\]˂[Y]Hو; \ۘ][ۜX^HHXYB[\XKܝXX[Y\\H\\Y[܈H[\X][ۋH[X][ۈوYH[H[]H]\]K[\[\[[Y[\HZ[XYHB]\[\[Y\˂Y[[ܚX[۝X][ۜX^HHXYH[\XKܝXX ܈[\X][ۋ[[X^HXәZ[[[X^HXәZ[ Kو[HY\XQ\Y]^HX^BK M]\\Y[KH\ܛؙ\L  NL[\[Bۋ ˈ\\[[[K XBZY[H\Z\Y[H\[ۈ\XK][[[XXB\[\[H[Q HܘYKB]YHY[؝\Y[ NMMKHY][X\YY]\[X[8'XY BX['HXәZ[X[X\ K NMM[^B]Y[[Y\\Q[[[ݚ[”[HY\X[ NM [[\[KBYY[\X\][\[B[\HY]\XHX[Y\][\Y[܈]\[[  [[^YYٝ[[\[][[Y [[YY[^Z[