Calvert County Times January 11, 2018 - Page 15

The Calvert County Times Thursday, January 11, 2018 In Our Community 15 Giving “2s”day Raises Business Leaders Named to CalvertHealth $3700 for The Arc and Nationwide Relief Efforts Foundation Board Prince Frederick attorney Denise Bowman and Huntingtown business ex- ecutive Donnie Downs have been named to the CalvertHealth Foundation Board of Trustees. They join 14 other commu- nity members who are currently serving. Members can serve up to two three-year terms. Women by The Daily Record in 2014 and 2016 for her leadership and commit- ment to her community. “CalvertHealth has provided care for many of my family members,” said Bowman. “I want to be part of the effort to expand the high quality of health care for the citizens of Calvert.” Bowman and her husband, Daniel, moved to Calvert in 1992 to raise their family. They have two daughters, Dani- elle, 22, and Caitlin, 20. Downs, who has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, is presi- dent and CEO of the award-winning systems integration firm Plan B Tech- nologies. He believes strongly in being an exceptional corporate citizen and has been a longtime supporter of the medical center along with Farming 4 Hunger and End Hunger in Calvert. He was also re- cently named one of The Daily Record’s most admired CEOs for 2017. Prince Frederick attorney Denise Bowman “We are honored to have Denise and Donnie join our team,” said Lynette Ent- zian, foundation board president. “They are both accomplished professionals who bring tremendous experience in the areas of leadership and community service.” Bowman, who has been in private practice for 27 years, has been widely recognized for her dedication to the profession as well as her community service. She is a member of the Judi- cial Nominations Commission for Dis- trict 13 and has served on the Board of Governors for the State Bar Associa- tion. In 2015, she was honored with The Daily Record Leadership in Law award and was named to Maryland’s Top 100 Publisher “I want to do my part to take Calver- tHealth to the next level,” said Downs. “I believe it has the potential to be the best local hospital on the East Coast.” Downs and his wife, Lynne, have three children, Devyn, 22, DeAnne, 17, and Dominic, 14. Thomas McKay The Calvert County Times is a weekly newspaper providing news and information for the Eric McKay residents of Calvert County. The Calvert County Times will be available on newsstands which is responsible for the form, content, and policies of the newspaper. The Calvert Associate Publisher General Manager Al Dailey Huntingtown business executive Donnie Downs Advertising Jen Stotler Editor Dick Myers Graphic Designer Jeni Coster Staff Writer Guy Leonard Interns Zach Hill Casey Bacon Photographers Frank Marquart, Mike Batson When setting out to participate in the sixth annual worldwide giving move- ment, Giving Tuesday, The Arc South- ern Maryland set a goal to raise $3500 with a dual impact in mind, inspiring the campaign hashtag, “#Giving2s- day.” Leading up to Giving Tuesday on November 28th, The Arc tweeted and shared the “#Giving2sday” and “Join- TheMovement” hashtags, inspiring donors to “Donate once. Give twice.” For a dual impact, The Arc committed to donating a portion of funds raised to benefit nationwide disaster relief efforts. The remaining funds would help The Arc in their mission to sup- port people with different abilities – repairing a roof for one of its resi- dences, repairing a van that provides transportation for people with limited #Giving2sday funds will enable The Arc to install mobility, and installing a mobility lift a mobility lift in Jamie Stallings’ home, affording him more independence. that would help one individual get out of bed on his own, affording him more the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, the independence. Miami Fund, and the Sonoma County Renee Seigley, Director of Develop- Resilience Fund.  ment for The Arc Southern Maryland About The Arc: The Arc Southern said “most donations for natural disas- Maryland is a non-profit organization af- ters are given during the first 2 weeks, filiated at the state level with The Arc of with ve 'ƗGFR&VrvfVgFW"FRf'7B'BBBFRFWfVvFF( *vWfW"VR&R7F7VbFR&2bFRVFVB7FFW2v60fW&rFRVffV7G2bFRW'&6W2FRv&N( 2&vW7Bw&72&G2&v旦ХFW2f&FBVW'F&6vRFbBf"VRvFFVV7GVFRFWf7FFrf&W26Ɩf&6BFWfVVFF6&ƗFW2DBFVRF7FVFRƗfW2BW2b6VFrFv7G&RWF6fWFFR&2fVBF26vvVB67V7G'VF6&FW'26W&V'&&R'GVGFvfR&67&72FR7BFW"Fv6W2*66RsR6VG'FR&26WFW&'B2&fBХF2FbFR&>( 266VBVƗG7W'BB&w&2VB@VFfvW'26&r&RGvVWFr7&VFr'GVFW2f"FWVFV6PBVvvrvFFR( 4vfs'6F( BW'67V66W72f"VRvFFbЦfVVBFR&2v2&RFW6VVBfW&VB&ƗFW26W6fR6VFW2*FV"v&6rC3s'FRVBbf"f&F&WBFR&26WFW&FR6v6RF'266Rf"'N( 2&w&2B6W'f6W2"FFV"vgG2FvGv6RFRF7F6RFW2RFFf6Bwwr&76B&pvFr'FbFV"vgBF&VƖVb"6CS3R#C2Vff'G2FW2f&FVW'F&6 6Ɩf&FR&227W'&VFǒ&v既Х&W72&VV6Rg&FR&0rFRgVG2F&RFFVBF&VB7&7266VGFW2W@6G&'WFrw&FW'0W&6R&wWƖF&V6V&WW&FVrvG6WfW'FW'6FFRW"2V&Ɨ6VB'6WFW&'BV&Ɨ6r66VGFW2FW2BW7W6RƗF6&VƖVb"VF'6R&GV7B"6W'f6P*G2Ww26fW&vRF&R66FW&VBf"V&Ɩ6F'F6W2BWGFW'2FFRVFF"7V&֗GFVBW7B6VFPFRw&FW.( 2gVRFG&W72BFFRRV&W"7V&֗762W7B&RFVƗbЦW&VB'BFRF&"FW"FW'6FV&Ɩ6FFV7W&R6VV@f"FBvVVgFW"FBFVFƖRFR6fW'B6VGFW2vRWfW'GFV@76&RFV&Ɨ6FR6FVB'WB6BwV&FVR6WGFW'2&R6FV6VBVFFVBf"6&GFVv6&R2FVF&W6W'fRFR6&RbFRw&FW.( 2&wVVB6&vBFW&7V&֗GFVBFFRWw7W"B66WFVBf"V&Ɩ6F&V0vFFRWF"'WBFR6fW'B6VGFW2BG2Ɩ6V6VW2g&VVǒ&W&GV6R@&BVV7G&2"FW"f&2vR&RV&RF6vVFvR&V6VBbWGFW'2FP6fW'B6VGFW26BwV&FVRFBWfW'WGFW""F27V&֗GFVBv&PV&Ɨ6VB*GVRFFR"76\*67G&G26fW'@6VGFW0