Calvert County Times January 11, 2018 - Page 11

Thursday, January 11, 2018 The Calvert County Times Feature 11 Legislators Prepare for the 2018 Session Miller, Waugh Announce Re-election Bids has always pulled down two jobs. When he was in col- He’s considered to be the most powerful man in the lege he taught adult Maryland General Assembly. Yet Senate President education at night. Thomas V. “Mike’ Miller lives in the state’s smallest Since entering the county (by land area), Calvert, which in turn makes up legislature, he has the largest population of his three-county district. balanced those du- With Miller’s clout cones a big responsibility. “My ties with a busy law job is to look at the state as a whole, including Bal- practice. timore City,” he told a decidedly parochial audience, He moved to members of the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce Calvert 25 years at their annual pre-legislative breakfast Jan. 8 at the ago from his na- Rod ‘N Reel in Chesapeake Beach. tive Prince George’s As the 2018 Maryland General Assembly launched County. Today parts on Wednesday, Jan. 10, Miller would be starting his 32 nd of those two counties year as Maryland Senate president, the longest serving along with Charles in the U.S., by a long shot. Miller, 75, is not yet ready to comprise the 27th call it quits. He told the County Times in an exclusive legislative district interview that he plans to seek re-election this year. that he represents. Miller has been in Annapolis since 1971, first elected He is always mind- to the House of Delegates for a four-year term and then ful of the impact of Senator Steve Waugh speaks and Dels. Gerald Clark ad Mark Fisher (seated) and Chamber as senator since January, 1975. legislative decisions President Bob Carpenter watch. Looking out for the entire state while keeping an eye on his district. ported the governor’s veto. on the needs of his district can be a challenge, he said. Miller in his time in the legislature has seen Calvert Waugh said, “It puts a lot of people out of work.” He The state after all is rural, urban and suburban – of- turn from majority Democrat to Republican, but he said the bill impacts small businesses like hotels who ten called America in Miniature. “It is very challeng- notes that has happened all over the 6WFB2F2Ц&R&vB&VBFRRVVRF&W6BখrvBvBB2FWfVr66V7W2( RG&7B2gFW"6WFW&'B( ĖbRfRrVVW2vB&RRvrFVB֖W"FW2FBR&RFV7&B'WBR2F( 6&6VB66VFrFBf&r6WfW&֖W"6BRV&VB&WB66V7W2'VFrf66ǒ66W'fFfRRB6VRv2GGVV@&RFRFV66Rv26ƗV"7F&RB6BF&Vv7W7FW"6W'f6RvRv&rB2fFW.( 2F6fW'B6VGƖfRR6BR2&VVf&Ю( Ēv7BvfW&VBFVƖrRrF'Vא7F&R6ƖF7F'FrvVRv2FVR6BR'W&VRV&W"f"SV'2B27G&rVf&Ц'W6W72( ЦVFƗ7B&VFBVVG27V6f6W"6B( FR6VFrVffV7B6W6W26ЦvF6Fr( 6fW'B6VGVfЧW2FvV6WvW&R( F'BB6fW'@&VB2fW'g&vR&V6W6RB06VGf6W"FVBFR7W'FW"bFR&v0FR6W7B( R'6W'fVBg&&F&R6Gf6W"FfRbFR6G6@֖W.( 0VFW'66F02WFv26&W2( ĆRFRVv6F"F0&VBFR6VG'R6BfRW@R2W&f"Frg&VW'2BvfrF𦆖FV6vFFV2FBfPVVW2( Чv&VBV6WvW&RFB6&RG&2ФFW"BF2f"FRVv6F'22rFR7FFPfW'&VBF'BWR6VB&V7BFFR&V6VFǒ76VBF&Vf&'ЦR6B2( ħW7F6R&VfW7FVN( ЦB266FW&VBvF7FFR67FFRFFVGV2Чv6&VGV6W26&6W&FFW0F2&R6VBvbvvG2F&WGW&FFFf"fVB7&֖2v6F&WfVVW2FFW'2Ffg6WBFRFVGV7F76W2আB&'F67W'BFR7@FW'26RFBFVVv6GW&R֖W"6BFB77VR2RbFR&V62f"0֖W"V&VBrvF&RЦFV66F'VvRfVV2FRVv6GW&RVVG0V&Ɩ66V7FWfRvVvvЧ6VRb2WW&V6RFfvFRF&Vv7V62ЦV6VBF2vVVR266VVЧ7VW2bFR77VW2f6rFRVv6GW&RR6B( ėB0r&RVV7Fg&F7G&7B#@W&fV7B7F&( ФFVVvFW2&f6W"F7G&7B#r'WBvVR&W72֖W"f"2&V62f"7FЦBvW&B6&F7G&7B#খrFR"6rvBRƖW2&W7B&WBBPFW6RGW2bf'V26VFW"Ч62N( 2&WBFR7F'Rv&2ff6RV 66&RFRFffW&V6W2&WGvVVFVЧFR6VFR6&W"bFRFRF6VGW''Ц7&B֖W"BFR&WV&Ɩ6VrЦB7FFVW6RFRǒRFfR6W'fVB2FRЦ6F'2WRBFR'&Vf7@F( 26F֖W"vƷ2FR2FBvW&RvƶV@v2FRF67W76bFRFF''vV&vRv6wFF2VffW'6B6&W066VfRrFB76VB7BV.( 06'&b6'&FvvfRWR26VFR6VBF6W76Bv2fWFVB'vbЧ6W'fRFR6R6F֖W"2fVBf"6rv֖W"FƶVBbRb26V2Ф֖W"6FƲf"W'2&WB2vf֖Ǟ( 22Ч&WF&W2vFW7W&FVǒVVG2FPF'vFFVW&G2vF7F&6fwW&W2VvBVfR( FR&v26&֗6R( ФvW&Bb6W'6RW&6আR67FVB֖W"26f'F&R2GV&Rb6W'frFPR6&֗6Rv26rvR7FFRB66WFW&'BRFW0FR&( 2&WV&VVG2gFW"6Ц2VƖf6F2FFRfFW'2F2v( ĒF2RVVW2'WBFPRFffW&V6RfRƖfRrfRb6WFW&F&VR&WV&Ɩ62&7FVBFR&'B( Х6V֖R֖W"vF6W6VR&W6'BB7vW"Bf&W"6W6VP6VFrFB&WV&VVBB7WФ&V6"vW&BFfBFR&B( &VVgFW"FRVv6FfR'&Vf7BF6זW'46VGFW2W@'F6זW'0VFF