Calvert County Times December 07, 2017 - Page 4

4 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, December 7, 2017 Incarceration and the 13 th Amendment The Latest Community Conversation on Race By Dick Myers Editor The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution abolished slavery except “as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly con- victed.” The movie “13” argues that punishment for a crime loophole has been used to enslave African-Americans ever since the Civil War. A screening of the movie was held Sunday, Dec. 3 at Middleham and St. Peter’s Parish Hall in Lusby as part of the Episcopal church’s second year of “Community Conversations.” This year’s topic is “I Didn’t Know…Exploring Racism and Privilege in Our Community.” The se- ries started with a book discussion and will con- clude Jan. 14 with a forum involving six commu- nity leaders as part of MLK weekend. The movie points out that the United States has five percent of the world’s population yet 25 per- cent of those incarcerated. At 2.3 million, it’s the highest rate in the world. While black males make up nine percent of the US population, they com- prise more than 40 percent of those incarcerated. Since the Civil War, blacks have been incarcer- ated for crimes such as loitering and vagrancy to suppress their civil rights. The hysteria from the original talkie movie Birth of a Nation led to a 8th Annual Southern Maryland Bridal Expo S UNDAY , J ANUARY 8 TH 11:30 - 2:30 Bay District Fire Department Social Hall The Grand prize will be a new wedding gown from Todayʼs Bride up to a value of $ 1,000.00. The drawing for the Grand prize will be at 2:30 pm. Admission is FREE and tickets are not required. Registration & Information For more information contact Patrick Stanley Jr. at 301-863-1029 or 46900 South Shangri-La Drive | Lexington Park, Marylan @RbFRGFVFVW2vfW22&V7FFFRfR( 2( Ч&ƖfW&FbFRPWBFRgW"ЧFW"W6Rb6&6W&FF6&7VfVBFR7FVFVBFRfRVvW0FB&r'W6W720Bf67FRFR7V66W72br@&FW"6FFFW26rЦƖrWB'F7V FR6'&V7F6"Ч&FbW&6Bv'BFRЧF( 2&vW7B6VW"`VF&W6FVG2g&&6Ц&B旆F&Vv&6ƖFvW&R&V@f"&FrFV"ƗF66GF2rB"ЦFW"Ff&26VFpFR( F&VR7G&W2@R&RWN( &f606R7FFW26ƖFWfVGVǒvV@vR6vrf 2vfR6ƖrFP7F6R&r֗7FRgFW"FRfR6rЦrFR&RFVRGFVF6PvW&R6VB'f6ƗFЧF'2g&FR6VЧGVF6F6VFW"`6fW'B6VGF6&PFV"&W762FW6VFVB( vFRv6B( ĒWfW"FVvB&W@&r'W6W7>( ffVVB( Ю( vFRv6B( ėBW2R66Fג7F6( Ю( &66B( F22F6vRg&ЧvB6VR( R6B26v2'&W7FVBf ֖"7&RBr2fV6f2ЧF( ĆRFF( BvWB6V6B66R( Ю( vFRv6B( ĒfVVwVG&WBBऒ&WF&VBv66FV6W"( Ю( vFRv6B( ĒfVVF22v'6PFvW&v2( Ю( vFR6B( ėB2F6vRFW6( @B( Ю( &6v6VB( vW&RfRP&VVvFRVS( 6RFFVB( PvWG272( Ю( vFR6B( ĒƗGFR&Bb&vR&vBr( RFFVB( vFW2F06R27W'&6RFW2vW&RfRvP&VV( Ю( &6v6B( rfVVƖR6ЧWFRFB( Ю( &66B( ėN( 2vrFFR&P6VRF7FBWFFRVRvFW( ХF2V.( 26VG6fW'6F2&R7Ч6&VB'֖FFVB7BWFW.( 2W666W&6FR6VGVFF6VFW'2`6fW'BB7B'( 2FR6fW'BB7B'( 056fW'BƖ'&'B6VvRb6WFW&'BRbFRWfVB&v旦W'2FRFfW26@( vRVVBFvWBWBbW"6f'F&RVv&"ЦG2BvfW"FFƲFFBVv&"vFW6( BW7FǒƖRW2( Х6RW&vVBWfW'RFR&F'&rg&V@FFRBWfVBF6זW'46VFW2W