Calvert County Times December 07, 2017 - Page 22

The Calvert County Times 22 CLASSIFIED Thursday, December 7, 2017 PINE HILL TECHNOLOGY PARK Ads Do you need lower office over- head costs? Attention High School and College Students... Looking for something to do this summer? The County Times team is looking for Apply NOW for Immediate Consideration Interns! PINE HILL TECHNOLOGY PARK Flexible lease terms to work with your contract schedule Full service terms including electric and janitorial expenses O H Z[\H]H ۛH Z[\H]H “ݙ[K]ZY][\\][ŒL  H]Z[XB[Y[Xۙ\[HXB[\[YH[Z[^P[][Y\˛][]8&\\\HX[]Y\˂ K ˍ͌LH˘[][Y\˛]Y\\[”\\[]]B[YZH][[[وH\Y][\–[H[X]HBܛ[Y[[XYH [B[[\\”Y\THVB\\Hݙ[ۂ JH L M ͍͂\\PXZ[ B MH[H[[Y ^[ۈ\ˈQ L‹ML BHH[  ] B\][ۂBܙX[HوHܛ\\B\[HHXX”\]Z\[Y[΂Y\\[[\܈\\XH^\Y[Bٙ\[ۘ[[[ܙX]]BYY؛[BY[]]YBۙ\[][ۈ[^\[ۘ[ܚ][ݙ\[[][X][ۈ[X[]Hܚ[\[[H[\[]\X[\][][B[\[YH[Z[^P[][Y\˛]\X\وHX\ۂ^[[[X[ۈو\[X[Y\ X[H^H\[H[Y\[[H\\“[ۈ H][H \B X\x&\[H[\[B[^BX[H B•[[HZHXHB\{ HYY[\\\‘[XZ[[Z[^P[][Y\˛]Y\ L [ۂ^[[\\Œ[ۈ܈ Lܛ[Y[[XYH [B L]]H[XY\ \[X[]Z[XHB[][B\X\وHX\ۂ^[[[X[ۈو\[X[Y\ X[H^H\[[ܛۈۋ\]HB[ ^\HYZ“[ۋT] [KM\H[X[KH BYX[H\H[\Y\X\]۝X[H܈[ܙH[] KMM M