Calvert County Times December 07, 2017 - Page 13

Thursday, December 7, 2017 Barbara Stinnett with her daughter Joyce Baki. The Calvert County Times Feature 13 O’Donnell (Calvert and St. Mary’s) and Tim mother. For instance, if her father was asked to a Hutchins (Charles) and current Delegate Jerry party, he’d always say, “I’ll have to ask Mrs. Biesel Clark. They are all Republicans. first.” Barbara Stinnett’s name may not pop up in con- Stinnett kept close over the years with David’s versations about Calvert County women’s rights parents, Bill and Eleanor Bowen. Mrs. Bowen leaders, although she was among the first to be- passed away last and Stinnett learned that she had come a commissioner. She never was in the fore- been bequeathed the farm that she had dreamed front of many women’s issues, but she was a lead- of living on. Now she lives in that old farmhouse er by example, by with her daughter her courage. And, Patty. she too was the “Our whole life victim of sexual has been built “Our whole life has been built harassment. around the family,” While working she said. “God gave around family.” for a state agency, me a replacement a superior with a for my eyes in my reputation for ha- daughters (Joyce - Barbara Stinnett rassing women and Patty), who are employees asked here with me 24/7.” her into his of- And Stinnett said fice where he pro- she is compensating ceeded to put his for her loss of sight two hands on her stomach. He asked her what by heightened hearing. And she said she is begin- she would do if he raised or lowered those hands. ning to see light and shadows And, she believes Stinnett said he would regret it if he did. She then her memory has been sharpened, allowing her to resigned rather than be a part of the sexually remember details from her past that she had previ- charged atmosphere in that office. ously forgotten. Apart from that one incident, Stinnett said she And she sure hasn’t lost her wit and intellect, was always surrounded by strong and honorable which came through during a more than three- men, including her father, husba nd, fiancé and hour interview that could have easily gone on all former State Senator Roy Dyson, for whom she day. worked as executive administrative aide. She saw it early in her father’s treatment of her Left to right – Senator Bernie Fowler, Gloria McKenny, George Owings, Secretary, Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs, Barbara Stinnett Submitted photos Left to right - Peggy Trott, Evelyn Black, Audrey Evans, Barbara Stinnett, Roy Dyson, Doris Gibson, Arthur and Jessie Jo Bowen, Dickie Pitcher.