Calvert County Times December 07, 2017 - Page 12

12 Feature The Calvert County Times Thursday, December 7, 2017 Barbara Stinnett Tragedy Anchored in Faith By Dick Myers Editor Barbara Stinnett was raised in a man’s world, what with five brothers in her family. “You learn how to play baseball and swing the bat, or you don’t play.” Later she entered another game played largely by men – politics. She was elected three times (1986, 1998, and 2006) as Calvert County commissioner. After each four-year term she was defeated in a re-election bid. The “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat,” is a description from her brothers’ world of sports. Those defeats were hardly moments that defined her life, however. She has had more than her share of personal tragedy. Her husband Buddy Stinnett, who owned an auto repair shop, died of can- cer when he was 36. They had been mar- ried ten years and had four children. Two days after her husband’s death, her two boys were severely burned in an accident. One received burns over 70 percent of his body; the other more than 40 percent. Their recovery took years and she was there to administer to them every step of the way. To survive she at one time was work- ing five part-time jobs. She was sup- ported by her church and members of the community. “They were all right there to say, ‘can I help you’,” she remembers. Later Barbara fell in love with David Bowen, who was a U.S. Army engineer, and commander of the National Guard Armory in Prince Frederick. He was the son of famers Bill ad Eleanor Bow- en, who owned a 100-acre farm on the Patuxent near Prince Frederick. David had plans to retire and become a farmer. Barbara had no other desire than to be a farmer’s wife. “People in the farming community are warm and accepting and hard workers,” she said proudly. But tragedy soon ended that dream. David developed a brain tumor and he too died of cancer. Now in her 80’s. S ѥЁ́ѼݥѠ)ѡȁɥM݅́ЁݥѠɽѡЁ́)ѼЁѽх̸)Mѕ́ѽѼ܁͡)ͼՍх5 ɽݸ݅+qUͥtɕѼɕѼͽLq$)eЁݸeЇt)%Ёѡхݡɔȁͽ́ݕɔ)ɕѕȁѡȁɹ̸卡Ё)Ѽѡͭq]Ёٔԁ)Ѽ͕ٔѡt)QՕѥ݅́ͼѼȁȁ)ѡЁ͡܁ѼɅɑɕѡх)Ѽٕȁ܁ѡЁ卡ЁѼхѼȁͽ)+q$ٔݔɔéɔt͡)q$ٔݔɔѕѕ)́ѕЁȁɕѠɅ䳊t)M݅́ɸɅ͕ ѡ՝)ѕȁ])ՕѠ ͕!ȁɕ)ݕɔɕѕ́ȁѡ QɥչMд)ѕ ѡ͍) ɉɄMѥЁЀఁхɽЁѡЁхѡЁ͕)ѼͥЁѡɑ݅9Ѡ )!ȁɕٕ́Ѽ ͼȁѡȁձ)хݥѠɅٕɹЁ丁Q)ٕȁѥѵЁ )ݡѡЁ݅́ͱѕȁѥѡ䁵ٕѼ)9Ѡ ݡɔѡ䁡ɥ̸ٕѡ՝)ѡݕɔȁɕ͕́݅́)ȁȁͥ́ѼɔɵqQ)ѡ́ѡչ䳊t͡ͅ)Ёȁѡˊéͥѕ ɉɄ݅́) ٕЁ!MɅݡ)͡Ё ͕͡ѕЁѼɽٔ͡)ձѡݽɬѡͅɅ)ݥѠݼȁɽѡ̸Mͅѡ䁱)ȁȸ)1٥ݼ́݅䁙ɽѡȁ͔9Ѡ) ݅́MɅ5 ՍѕȸQ䁉)ɥ̰ѡɽ՝ЁݥѠͥ)ȁѕɕ̰Ս́ɔɕ͍Ք͕٥)ѡɥ1)M݅́ѡɔݡ Սѕˊé͉) ՍѕȁЁɕMѥЁȸ)Q䁉ѠݕɔՑ̸ͥq%Ёɕ)͕́ȳt͡ Սѕ)ɕѱ͕݅)MѥӊéЁɅ䁥Ѽ)ѥ́݅́ݥѠѡɅѥ]e) Ո]eЁЁյ)ɽ́ѥ̰͡Q)ݕɔɔѼх͕и)MЁЁ݅́ѥѼѡи)͡ͼЁѡЁѡ̴)ͥ́ЁѡѥݕɕeЁ)ȁѡ͡ɕЃLq%Ё݅)ѡѱݡȴ)tQЁ䁥Ցѡٽ)չѕ́ѡɔɕ͍ՔՅ̸+q=ȁչ䁥́ͽѕ䁄չ䁽)ٽչѕ̻t)%ȁЁѥ͡ձݸ)ѡɝЁյȁٽѕ́䁽)ѡѕ̸eЁݡѡ܁)ͥ́ݕɔɽՍѡ)́Ёձѥ̰Ё݅͡)q=ȁ=ݸ1ѱ ɉt)ٕݥѠѡɝЁյȁ)ٽѕ̰͡eЁձ䁡͕Ѽѡ)ݽɱQɅѥݽձٔ)ȁ͕ٔ́ɵ͡ɕѼ)ٔɔٕѕɅͥ)ȁ͕ٔѡЁɽ)ḾٕȁЁ͠)Ё݅́ѡ͔qѱt)͡ٽݕѼ͕ٔ)MѥЁ݅́ͥȁɥ)ѡѥ́ ٕЁ չéЁɅ)ɽѠ]ѡչ)ݕɔɕͥȁȁ)ѥ̰́͡ѡݍ́ݡ)ɡ́eЁ܁ȁݕɔɕ)ͥȁ̸q%ӊéձЁѼ)ɕѡ܁t͡ͅM)ͼѕѡЁѥ́́危)ѕɔѡȁ)M݅́݅́ɅиM݅́ͭ)́͡ѥ́չȁѡ䁅́݅͡)̸݅MѕѡЁȁɽѡˊéѡ)݅́H͡ͼͥɕ͕Ѽ)9܁Ʌи)Q͕͡ݕɕѡЁ䁅)ɅѕȁɔɔхЁѼȁѡ䁅)ѥMѕѡЁѡ͕Ёɥ́ͥ)ȁɽٔɵȁѕ́Q