Calvert County Times August 10, 2017 - Page 5

Thursday, August 10, 2017 Calvert Deputy Appears on National TV Show DFC Tim Mohler By Dick Myers Editor Is there a budding TV star within the ranks of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO)? Could be. The sheriff’s office has been partici- pating in the hit TV show Live PD (on A & E) since earlier this year. This past weekend was the last show for the sher- iff’s office this season although they may participate next year. On Friday and Saturday, Aug. 4-5, CCSO Deputy First Class (DFC) Tim Mohler appeared live in the show’s New York studio to provide commentary for what the viewers were seeing, and also answer questions submitted on Twitter. Mohler sat between co-hosts ABC Chef Legal Affairs Anchor Dan Abrams and journalist Tom Morris, Jr. Live PD premiered on October 28, 2016 with a unique format – they follow police departments across the country in real time (actually with a 20-minute de- lay). Sometimes nothing much happens and other times all hell breaks loose. For example, in the Saturday three-hour show (9 p.m. to midnight) a female of- ficer in Illinois had to fight off a man and his girlfriend at the same time and in South Carolina an officer pursued a stolen car and then pursued them on a frantic foot chase when they fled. DFC Mohler told of the dangers of foot pursuits which can lead around blind spots and potentially confronting a gun pointed at them. In the encounter of the female police officer, she became splattered in blood. Mohler said if that happens in his department, they would immediately go to the hospital. At another point, Mohler agreed with the cohosts that much of what they do is public relations. “Absolutely, abso- lutely,” he responded. Mohler in reply to Twitter posts talked about his musical talent (piano, drums and guitar) and his relationship with dis- patchers (great). Calvert County Sheriff Mike Ev- ans told the County Times that he was Local News The Calvert County Times pleased with DFC Mohler’s appearance on the show. Evans said the public re- action to his department’s involvement has been both positive and negative, but mostly positive, and he is considering doing it again next year. Evans said during the weeks that the crews were in Calvert he witnessed his deputies doing just a few things that he disagreed with and he counseled them after the shows. The show producer equipped two county police cruisers with special equipment at no cost to the county. Of- ficers were asked to volunteer for the assignment of being on the show. The producers interviewed the potential candidates before choosing several to participate. Mohler volunteered to be on last weekend’s show and the producers paid for his trip to New York City. During this season in Calvert County, officers were filmed during the week to use on recorded segments and were filmed live on Fridays and Saturdays. People stopped are asked to give consent to be filmed, when possible. On the Saturday, Aug. 5 show, Deputy J.D, Denton was shown in several incon- sequential traffic stops, but later in the evening a fourth stop proved eventful, as the driver and passenger in the car, a young man and woman, were charged with heroin possession. As the camera rolled, the couple turned their backs to it, revealing shirts emblazoned with the name of a local restaurant. That business has expressed displeasure on that national negative publicity. The County Times has been informed by someone with direct ties to the busi- ness community that some of them, particularly bars, are displeased with the county’s involvement. Bars have reported reduced weekend sales due to customers fearful of being caught by the national cameras. Evans said he is sorry that the busi- nesses are displeased. But he added, “If it prevents some people from driv- ing drunk I am okay with it.” He added if they don’t drink and drive they have nothing to be concerned about. Evans said he decided to participate in the program after seeing some of the earlier episodes and wanting to show that Calvert wasn’t as crime infested as some of the more urban areas. The ar- rest of the coupe for heroin possession, however, is an indication that Calvert is not immune from that type of crime. When Abrams expressed surprise at the arrest in a rural county like Calvert, Morris responded that he wasn’t at all surprised. “We have a serious heroin problem in Maryland,” he said. dickmyers@countytimes .net 5 SELLING OUT TO THE BARE WALLS ! 28420 Point Lookout Road • Loveville, MD 20656 STORE CLOSED UNTIL SATURDAY AUGUST 12 TH TO MARK DOWN PRICES ! 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