Calvert County Times August 10, 2017 - Page 16

16 In Our Community The Calvert County Times Thursday, August 10, 2017 Solomons Event Remembers WWII By Dick Myers Editor The movie “Dunkirk” recalls a time re- membered by a rapidly declining number of living participants. The annual WW II USO Remembrance in Solomons on Aug. 4 was intended to spotlight an era that the organizers believe was so important to the world in general and Solomons in particu- lar that it should not be forgotten. Ninety-five-year-old Methuselah Pum- phrey of Lothian remembers it. As an African-American he couldn’t participate in combat, but as a member of the Signal Corps who trained in Alabama he directly contributed to the war effort. Sgt. Pum- phrey was the guest of honor at the event at the Gazebo on the Riverwalk and laid a ceremonial wreath in honor of those lost in combat during the war. The ceremony was preceded by a reen- actment of an Armed Forces Radio show from 1942 called SPAM Time Radio Show hosted by T/5 Vince “SPAM” Turner and PFC Vincent “Bubba” Turner. Music from the era was interspersed with wartime dispatches. The annual event is sponsored by the Circle of Angels Initiative. According to organizer Roseanna Vogt, “In an ironic twist of history, on the first Friday in Au- gust, August 7, 1942,  the first invasion was in the Pacific Solomon Islands after training on Solomon Island, MD.  The first European invasion was at Norman- dy on Tuesday, June 6, 1944. Solomons was home to the “cradle of invasion,” the WWII top-secret amphibious train- ing base for the invasion of Europe and Japanese-held Pacific islands. The United Services Organization or USO began with citizens who served coffee and donuts to soldiers passing through their towns.” Retired Sgt.  Methuselah Pumphrey lays a wreath in remembrance of the fallen heroes of WW II. WW II re-enactors during the SPAM Tine Radio Show at the WW II Remembrance in Solomons.