Calvert County Times August 10, 2017 - Page 10

10 Education The Calvert County Times Thursday, August 10, 2017 Re-Creating Yourself, One Beat at a Time Emily Harris, left, and Shirley Steffey work to match rhythms in CSM’s Drum Circle class at the Leonardtown Campus. First, there is a steady beat coming from a single drum. Boom — boom, boom, boom. Other drum- mers gradually join in, each on differently sized and toned drums, as they match the beat created by the leader. Participants in the drum circle focus their eyes on the floor or the ceiling to concentrate on the rhythm. Others grin at their neighbors as the beats match up in a satisfying pulse. Some of the drummers intro- duce variations, which the instructor of the class, Sheila Klotz, calls “layers.” The group speeds up a little and then dissolves into laughter when Klotz stops the class to point out the unwanted speed change. This is a Drum Circle class, a non-credit personal enrichment class at the College of Southern Mary- land (CSM) on the Leonardtown Campus. It is one of approximately 400 personal enrichment class op- tions offered every year at CSM’s campuses. Latin Dancing, Basic Dog Obedience, Backyard Chicken Keeping, numerous cooking classes, Fit Over 40, Build Your Own Drone, The Art of Song- writing, Aqua Zumba, Pottery — the options are wide-ranging, accessible and designed to help area residents find a new skill or hobby or polish old ones, including drum circle skills. Instructors for these courses come with excellent credentials and wealth of knowledge and experience. CSM Program Coordinator Shaunda Holt, w š[][Hܘ[\ٙ\YHHYx&\œ\ۘ[[XY[\\Y[ ZYHY\X\B[\H^H܈[HKXܙX]H[\[\ˈ8'\Bۘ[[XY[\\]8%][[[XYYHܙX][ۛYK[\][ۈ[\[ۋ›X]\]YHوYH[H\H[[[ۙH[KBܙX]H[\[\[x&\\ۘ[[XY[ܘ[H[[H\] 'B\[[Y\\H\[YHH\ٙ\YB\ۈ[H\\8%[X]]Hܛ[[KB\]H\HHܛ\و[H^H[[\[\\[ۈ]\\[X]]H\YKB\[܈H\ܛX[KY[[x&\[B\H\ZH[\ۙH][[XXYZ™\ۈHX]]H܈H\Y]HوX\ۜ˂\^HY^Hو\؞H\HY[X\و]Y\›وYH\Y[H[H[\\\H]\[\Y[X\وH[H\H\ˈH[H[B\\HHZH[HHHZYHX\ [Z\\ܛX[K8'H[YY[H\[8'BY^HZY 8'H][˸'B[]X]\وܙX]Z[[\\[ܚ]\\\܈\\[\[H^K^\B\\HXZ܈[K8']8&\[8'HHZY 8']YKB][H\H[\KXZ\[H[Y\[ˈ]]HX\˸'BܘXH[و[YܛXKXٙ\[B[[\X\]\[H[H\H\Y ZYH\^]YYH][H\H\ۙBوH\\ٙ\YHH\[[Y\8'܈ MžYX\x&]HY]H[YK8'H[ZY Y[][H]HY[Hو\\Hۙ]\\\[K8'H][] 'B'HݙH] H[ݙH] 8'HY^HZYوB[H\H\ˈ8'\XX\\[X^[ˈ]Y[ 'BXX\HHX[و^\Y[KB\Y[^Z[[\[\\[ۈ[[Y[œ[HH\ L HXZܙY[\\[ۈ]\\[XH[]\]H[[\Y[HZ[]\K\ܛZ[\H\\[ۚ\[H[]Y]\Z\ܘH[ \[ۋ ˈH]\^YY\H\\[ۚ\[H][ۘ[X\[ [š[\[ۋ[Y\ۙHYX\X[YHKBX[\[ۙX܈وH\^HX\[[\[ۋ]\Y HH\\H^Hœ\H\^\\H]H[][]K\Y\H[\[\\\[ۂ[[Y[\YHH\[Y[HۙK[XK[[[[[K[HY[ZBH[H[\X^H[Z\ۈ[\Y^BY\XX\X]H\ܞHو[[Z[˜[[\\^\] ۙHܜXK[[Z[\B^H[][X]K\X\][[H[H\H\[Y[ۂ]HX[[Y]ˈ8']HX\X] 8'BZY 8']8&\H[X\Hو[[ۜ˸'BH\H[܈\Y[^[ۙ\H[BY]8%H[[ۛYH][[[B\X\]H[\X]]K8'^H[HXH™[H]H[H[]Y]\[][ۈB[H\H[HXH^K8'HHZY H[H\H\[Hٙ\YYZ[[B[\H]\YY]H]\HYYوKB[[H[][]HHݚY[X\XKXܙY]Y YܙXH[]X[]HX\[ܝKB]Y\܈[[XX[][Y[ \Y\[[KBY[ [\ۘ[ܛ Y[[Y\\܈\ۘ[[XY[\\\[[H^HوH\[YX\Y\Y\][ۈ\[\YYX]\HYH\\]BZ[[][HY\][ۜ\]Z\Y[܈[ܛXKB[ۈۈۋXܙY] \ۘ[[XY[ٙ\[˜]K\]˘Y YKܘ[\X\\›ۋXܙY] \ۘ[ Y[XY[ ˂Z[H[[XYH[H\H\ۘ[[XY[\]x&\[ۘ\ۈ[\\˂H