Calvert County Times April 20, 2017 - Page 6

6 Crime The Calvert County Times Firefi ghter’s Killer Sent To Prison By Guy Leonard Staff Writer Darrell Lumpkin, the Temple Hills man who shot and killed fi refi ghter John Ulmschneider last year, will spend the next four years in prison after a Prince George’s County judge handed down his sentence April 14 for illegally possessing fi rearms. Ulmschneider, who lived in California but served in the Prince George’s County Fire and EMS Department, and another fi refi ghter from the Town of Morningside, Kevin Swain, were both shot by Lump- kin when they forced open the door to his home in an effort to check his welfare. Lumpkin’s brother, Kevin Williams, had called emergency dispatchers April 15 of last year fearing that Lumpkin was suffering a medical crisis; Williams had said that Lumpkin had not answered calls to his home. Williams was at Lumpkin’s home that day when Ulmschneider and Swain re- sponded to the call for service and was shot as well. Prince George’s County State’s At- torney Angela Alsobrooks had sought to charge Lumpkin with murder but a Grand Jury declined to indict the defendant on that count. “Williams and Swain entered the resi- dence at the same time and Lumpkin immediately shot his brother and subse- quently shot Swain and Ulmschnieder,” a statement from Alsobrooks’ offi ce stated. Ulmschneider’s funeral in Hollywood at St. John’s Catholic Church just days after John Ulmschneider his death brought fellow fi refi ghters from all over the country to mourn his passing. He was eulogized by not only his close friends in the Prince George’s County fi re department but by Prince George’s Coun- ty Executive Rushern L. Baker III and Gov. Larry Hogan. Lumpkin was prohibited from owning a gun due to a 1985 conviction in Wash- ington, D.C. He had lawfully obtained the guns he owned, however after a sub- sequent change in the law, he was later prohibited from possessing those weap- ons, according to a statement from Also- brooks’ offi ce. Theft from Vehicle: On 4/10/17 at 10:21 am, Sgt. Stern received a report of a stolen automobile registration tag. The victim re- ported the front registration tag 9CF0464 was removed from the front of the vehicle sometime during the previous weekend. The tag has been entered into NCIC. Possession of Marijuana: On 4/12/17 at 12:32 pm, Trooper First Class Robinson handled a call of two suspicious males pos- sibly doing drugs in the 300 block of Cam- bridge Pl. in Prince Frederick. A strong odor of marijuana was emitting from in- side the vehicle. A search revealed a jar containing a large amount of marijuana. Connor J. Kretzing, 19 of Huntingtown and a 16-year- old juvenile were arrested for possession of marijuana. Kretzing was Sheriff’s Offi ce Press Releases During the week of April 10 through April 16 deputies of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Offi ce responded to 1,289 calls for service throughout the community. CDS Violation Case #17-18867: On April 11, 2017, Deputy T. Mohler conducted a traffi c stop on a vehicle speeding over the legal limit. He made contact with the driver, Charles Ramey, 34, of Bryans Road, MD, and was advised the reason for the stop. 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