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Thursday, April 20, 2017 The Calvert County Times In Our Community 17 Highway Safety Partners Prizes for Designated Focus on Young Drivers Drivers at Tiki Bar Opening The third week of April will be a busy one for highway safety partners in Calvert County. The Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse, Inc. (CAASA) and the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office are part- nering with the Chesapeake Region Safety Council to prevent drug and alcohol crash- es for teens and young adults. Mock crashes will take place on Wednesday April 19 th at Calvert High School and on Friday, April 21 st at Hun- tingtown High School. Law Enforcement and Fire Department personnel will nar- rate through the event, talking with the students about the cause of each crash and the scene activities taking place. The Mock Crashes will focus on a driver im- paired by drugs and alcohol, with unre- strained victims suffering debilitating injuries. Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS personnel will respond to the mock crash, conduct extrication and treatment of the victims, and assess the at-fault driver for drug and alcohol use. The deceased vic- tim will be removed by a local funeral home. Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans stated “This program helps us to strive for success with  one of our major goals, which  is  zero deaths on our highways. Early education concerning the dangers of driving, particularly distracted and drunk or drugged driving is one of the keys.” “There are many partners that help pull the crash scenes together that should be recognized for their commitment to traf- fic safety”, mentioned Debbie Jennings of the Chesapeake Region Safety Council. “A Plus Towing and Recovery has donated many vehicles and provides the towing services for the mock crashes. The Calvert Control Center makes the 911 call that is played before the scene begins. Volunteers from Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire De- partment, Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad, Prince Frederick Rescue Squad, Calvert Ad- vanced Life Support take off from work to make sure that the mock crash events are staffed, and are among the first responders at the scene. The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office and Maryland State Police are front and center during the crash scene, making sure the teens know what the outcome is of the choice to drive impaired, distract- ed or aggressively on Calvert roadways. Rausch Funeral Home supported us with our first mock crash in 2002 at Calvert High School, and has been with us ever since. These events would not happen without them. There are students at the high schools that are already invested in sharing safe driving messages, and we are especially fortunate this year. Mary- land’s D.A.R.E. America Youth Advocacy Board Representative, Alyssa Gibson, is at Huntingtown High School, and she has worked with us to develop the scenario and coordinate the Fire and EMS efforts.” Risky driving behaviors will be dis- cussed in the auditorium at both schools following their mock crash, as well as at The Calverton School on Thursday. The highway safety partners will bring Mi- chael Bomgardner to Calvert High School on Wednesday, April 19 th , for a discussion on Maryland’s Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) program. DRE’s are law enforce- ment officers trained to identify people whose driving is impaired by drugs other than, or in addition to, alcohol. Mr. Bom- gardner is a retired Calvert County Sher- iff’s Sergeant that led the agency’s DARE program and directed enforcement efforts in their Traffic Unit for several years; he is presently teaching at the Southern Mary- land Criminal Justice Academy. “Alcohol and other drug abuse is real in Calvert County”, added Candice D’Agostino, Co- ordinator, Calvert Alliance Against Sub- stance Abuse, Inc. (CAASA). “The mock crash scenarios are just one education tool used to teach our teen population about the dangers of alcohol and other drug use and the importance of making good deci- sions.” The schools often select additional speakers to follow the highway safety partners’ efforts. This year, Calvert High School’s Criminal Justice class will be fol- lowing the highway safety program with speakers from Farming4Hunger, they will discuss the heroin epidemic and the chal- lenge of recovery from opioid addiction. Chesapeake Region Safety Council’s President Dave Madaras noted that the non-profit organization’s mission, “To Educate and Influence People to Prevent Accidental Injury and Death”, aligns per- fectly with the expansion of their traffic safety efforts at the local level through- out Maryland. “We’ve hired Debbie Jen- nings, previously of the Calvert County Traffic Safety Council and the Maryland Highway Safety Office”, stated Madaras. “Debbie has a diverse background, and is experienced in developing and directing programs, such as the mock crashes to assist young drivers. She will be continu- ing those efforts and we are supporting her advocacy with the quality educational programs available from National Safety Council as a resource to address the in- crease in Maryland’s crashes.” Suzanne Elzey, founder of the Cruis- eSafe Program will be presenting at the Calverton School on Thursday, April 20 th and Huntingtown High School on Friday, April 21 st . Suzanne is the mother of Tyler, a Kent Island teenager that was killed, along with his three closest friends in a speed- related quadruple fatal crash several years ago. Suzanne also presented last year at Calvert and Patuxent High Schools, with dozens of students lining up to speak with her afterward. Suzanne typically requests that teens “Drive 5 for Ty”, in which they follow all laws and practice safe driving behaviors in honor of her son, who was only five miles from home when he died. The week ends with CAASA and the Chesapeake Region Safety Council spon- soring the designated driver rewards booth outside of the Solomons Island Tiki Bar during the annual opening event. Drivers that pledge to remain sober and promise to get their friends home safely can sign up for instant prizes. At the end of the week- end, all designated drivers are eligible for four separate prizes, which includes free hotel or bed and breakfast stays and meals on Solomons Island along with Ori- oles baseball game tickets and gift cards to local stores. Bob Hall, Inc. donates the instant rewards for the Designated Driver Rewards program, and has worked with the Tiki Bar and other Solomons Island businesses for the prize donations. From Chesapeake Region Safety Council Bob Hall, LLC, working together with the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, Mary- land State Police, Chesapeake Region Safety Council and the Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse are sponsoring a Designat- ed Driver program to be held during the an- nual opening of the Tiki Bar. The program will run Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22 from noon to 10:00 p.m. Designated drivers who register will win an instant prize ranging from can coolies, sunglasses, coolers, Bluetooth speakers, beach towels, beach mats, Grill SGT BBQ gift certificates, folding chairs, thumb drives, Blue Crabs Tickets and much more! Desig- nated drivers will sign a pledge card, which will be entered into a drawing for six grand prizes. This year’s first prize package is a 1 Night stay at the Holiday Inn Solomon’s, $200 cash, $50 Tiki Bar Gift Certificate, $25 Pier Restaurant Gift Certificate. The second prize will be a $100 Solomon’s Victorian Inn Gift Certificate, $200 cash, $50 Tiki Bar Gift Certificate, $25 Stoney’s Kingfisher Gift Certificate. The third prize will be a $50 Back Creek Inn Gift Certificate, $50 Tiki Bar Gift Certificate, $200 cash, $25 Stoney’s Kingfisher Gift Certificate and a $25 Lotus Café Gift Certificate. The fourth prize will be 4 Baltimore Orioles Baseball Tickets plus a Parking Pass. The fifth prize will be 2 Baltimore Orioles Baseball Tickets and a $50 Visa Gift Card from the CAASA Designated Driver Award Program. The sixth prize will be 2 Baltimore Orioles Baseball Tickets. The registration booth is located near the Tiki Bar entrance. Sheriff Mike Evans will draw the grand prize tickets during a ceremony at the Sher- iff’s Office on Monday, April 24 th at 12:00 noon. The public is invited to attend. The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office and Maryland State Police, as well as law en- forcement from neighboring jurisdictions, will be conducting DUI saturation patrols throughout the weekend as part of Mary- land’s “Checkpoint Strikeforce - Over the Limit, Under Arrest” campaign. These en- forcement efforts are funded through the State Highway Administration’s Maryland Highway Safety Office and will continue throughout the spring and summer months. Areas where a high number of DUI arrests or crashes have occurred in the past will be targeted for enforcement efforts. Bluegrass Festival Coming to Area The Hollywood Volunteer Rescue Squad will present its annual Bluegrass Festival on Saturday May 13, 2017 at the St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds. Gates open at 11 am and the show starts at Noon. Weather per- mitting, the event will be held outside. All proceeds from the day’s event will go toward the Hollywood Volunteer Rescue Squad. For the first time to Southern Maryland, a group that has been touring Bluegrass festivals providing the best in traditional Bluegrass music for 30 years, Big Country Bluegrass will be the headliners. Many lo- cal Southern Maryland Bluegrass bands will also be featured. A teenage brother/sister duo from West Virginia, Marteka & Wil- liam will also be featured. Big Country Bluegrass delivers their own hard driving and heartfelt style of bluegrass music, and it makes them crowd favorites wherever they perform, whether it’s at a festival, the Grand Ole Opry, or a small intimate concert. From their home- town of Independence, Virginia, the band brings back memories of the early days of bluegrass music.  Husband and wife, Tommy and Te- resa Sells formed Big Country Bluegrass in the late 80s.  All band members live in and around the Virginia-Carolina Blue Ridge, and their music reflects much of the deep musical heritage found in this region. Tommy plays mandolin while Teresa plays rhythm guitar. One of the highest lead sing- ers in Bluegrass music, Eddie Gill handles most of the distinctive lead vocals and plays the  guitar. John Treadway plays banjo, Tony King plays the acoustic upright bass, and  bluegrass veteran Tim Laughlin plays fiddle. All musicians add their distinctive voices to the blend.     They’ve had number 1 songs on Blue- grass radio charts such as «The Bluefield West Virginia Blues».   Celebrating Big Country Bluegrass’s 30th anniversary, they have a new Rebel Records release, “Let Them Know I’m From Virginia”. There are a couple of kids from West Virginia that are steering up conversation in Southern Maryland. Some of their fans brought their attention to Jay Armswor- thy, festival promoter, and requested to see them in the Southern Maryland area. After checking them out in various online vid- eos, he decided that they would be a great fit for the Hollywood Rescue Squad Blue- grass Festival. Their names are Marteka & William. They are rapidly making a name for themselves in the bluegrass music busi- ness. By their live performance, you can tell that they have studied the sound and act of Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys of the 1950’s era. It’s amaz- ing to see such young siblings who know the traditional Bluegrass and play it like it should be played. At the age of 15, this sister/brother band have made appearances with J D Crowe, appeared on PBS and Blue Highways TV which was broadcasted into 170 countries and over 90 million homes in America. They’ve also played on “The Wheeling Jamboree USA” with Buddy Grif- fin who said, “Rarely have I seen kids so young with so much talent”. Marteka, who plays the banjo in the style of Earl Scruggs, earlier this year, took 2nd place in the WV State Banjo contest. They’ve also won nu- merous other contests. Geoff Stelling of the national banjo com- pany, Stelling Banjos, built Marteka a one of a kind Stelling banjo. In her honor he named the model, “The Marteka Challenge”. At 15-years-old this is an outstanding accom- plishment for Marteka and William. Performing will be many locals who some may have not seen before. Like The Bluegrass Balladeers which feature Da- vid Norris & Billy Thompson; Rock Creek Revival, although they are from Montgom- ery County, there music is connected with Southern Maryland. Recycled Bluegrass, Chris Tenney & Riverside South from Cal- vert, and festival organizer, Jay Armswor- thy and his band, Eastern Tradition will also perform. Troy Jones will be doing the sound for the festival. From Hollywood VFD.