Calvert County Times April 20, 2017 - Page 14

14 The Calvert County Times Obituaries In Remembrance Charles Franklin “Charlie” Hardisty, Sr Charles Franklin “Char- lie” Hardisty, Sr., 66, of Ow- ings passed away April 16, 2017 at Calvert Memorial Hospital. He was born Janu- ary 31, 1951 in Laurel to Charles William and Gladys Grace (Taylor) Hardisty. Charlie was raised in Belts- ville and attended Prince George’s County public schools. He joined the Unites States Army on November 7, 1971 and was hon- orably discharged on March 4, 1973. Char- lie married Sandra Burton on September 4, 1978 and they lived in Beltsville until mov- ing to Owings in 1980. He was employed as a fl eet mechanic with AL Merton Inc. in Capitol Heights for the past 20 years. In his leisure time Charlie enjoyed muscle cars, going to car shows in Ocean City, cookouts and spending time with family, especially car rides, walks by the bay and dinners out with Sandy. He is survived by his loving wife Sandra Lynn “Sandy” Hardisty, children Charles F. Hardisty, Jr. (Suzanne) of North Beach, Charlene V. Eatmon of West Virginia and Christopher C. Hardisty of North Beach. Also surviving are grandchildren Brittany, Ivan, Sarah, Leah, Sean, Kayla, Delany and Larry, brothers Tommy Hardisty (Marilene) of Solomons and George Hardisty (Fred) of Annapolis, sisters Brenda Baugher (John) of Port Republic and Katherine Hinkston (Jack) of St. Leonard and brother-in-law Bob Bur- ton of North Beach. Visitation will be Sunday, April 23, 2017, 1-4 p.m., at Rausch Funeral Home, 8325 Mount Harmony Lane, Owings MD 20736. Funeral Service will be Monday, April 24, 2017 at 11 a.m. at Rausch Funeral Home. Burial will be at Maryland Veterans Ceme- tery, 1122 Sunrise Beach Road, Crownsville MD 2103. Wendy Lynn Ruckman Wendy Lynn Ruck- man, 51, of Lothian, MD passed away April 15, 2107 at Georgetown University Hospital. She was born in Washington, DC October 23, 1965 to Aubrey B. and Dolores Ann (Burrows) Breeden. Wendy was raised in Arlington and graduated from Washing- ton Lee High School. She was employed at Sears and Roebuck in Arlington. Wendy moved to Southern Maryland in 1993 and has been employed at the Prince Frederi •[X\ H\HY[X\وH[\\ق\و\\\و]\^HZ[˂[H[YY[]X] YYZ[]\X[[[[YH]\[Z[KH\XYY[X]H\]\]X^HYY[\\\[X\YHKB\\]ۈ[X[H]\[[ۘ\]\˂\][\H\[\ܙ\YY[و[ۜ]\]ܙ[H[[B[۞HXX[وX[\\‘XܘZ[\[و\\XZHXX[ܙ\X\YH\[و[[ H[YH\[]XYHوX[X\HX\\]\\X\HX\\]\\Kو\\XZHXX\Y]^H\[ MK M˜]]]\X[[ZX[]][ۈ[\X\B\ܛ]Y\ MK NM H[\[ۋ ˈ[۞B\[\[XH \[BY\KX\H\Z\Y[[[H[ܘYX]YHY[؝\’Y HX\YYؙ\\\ۂ[HK NM[^H]Y[[[H[[^H\[[[ݚ[\\XZBXX[ NNLX\H\[\YY[B\[\\\Y[وܸ&\][ [X[H][ۜY]\KBY\[\Z\\H[YHX\H[YY]B[][][T\[[“ZXY[ۈ[[[[YH]\[Z[K\XX[H\ܘ[[[[ܙX] Yܘ[[[X\H\\]YH\\ؘ[ؙ\\\[[XYHܝ\و\KBXZHXX \[XH\\وܝKBXXX\H\\[Yۚ{ H[\X[[YHوܝXX[ZXY[\\و\ Hܘ[[[[ ™ܙX] Yܘ[[[H\[\]YB\\\[\Y\H[\B\[[YHY\K\]][ۈ[HY^K\[ K MBKL K]]\[\[YH H[Ž ̍H[[\[۞H[K[Q ͋[\[\XH[HY^K\[K M]  K]H[\[YK[\BY[\]]Kٙ\[ˋUTSPUԖH K[\[x&\“ӓHۋ\]Hܙ[X]ܞB\H\]YH[YH\B[X]Y \[[\ [H\[[  X\x&\[[H[ܙx&\[Y\“\؞H[ܝ\XXŒ[Y\X[ ̍H[[\[۞H HY\\[ L L̍NM  L LMMN H L MN L L˔]\[\[Y\˘B\^K\[  M•H[\[H[Y\[\[Y[\Hؚ]X\Y\\XZ]YH[\[Y\˜[XY\ˈH[[H[Hܙ\HXZ]H[K[HXZ\[ۜ]YH™^[[ۘ\[][Y\˛]Y\ۈۈ[ۙ^\X^H[[H[YZ&\Y][ۋ\HZXY[]]\HZXY[]]  KوYHYH\Y]^B\[ L MˈH\ܛ[H LK NM HH]H[ BX[H[\[XH ۝B]][ܙY[؛ܛ˂\H\HY[X\و܋B\ۙH\\\[[ˈH\HYB\XY]][]HYX[XˈHXX[ B^Y[XZ[[[\[]]X]X[Z\[ۜ܈[ܙH[ LYX\ˈBۙY[\]Y]YY[ۈ]]”\XHH NMH[[ NM[[Y\H]]8&\]]\XH[Y[؝\‘Y[ۜۈQ H]\[ݙY\\KB\[ݚ[K\\[ۈ܈Z[[™\\Y[HYX[[]\Hݘ[X][ݚ[H[Z[B[ۈYY^H\HH\]Y[[ NM˂Y\X[H][YHݙH܈][˂H[]Xو\YH[YH[Z[\˜]][]XY[H[H]\Z\\[\]\HXX\܂[[\ݚ[H]\\]Y܈H\ žYX\˂\H\XYY[X]H\YB[H8'Yx'H]] ۜZXY[\]][\HY\[]][ܘ[ Bۈ\[^HZXY[]] H\\]YHۈ۞H]] \[JHو [ۘ\ ]Y\ZX[H\^HوܝXX \ۈYۛ ZY[Hو^Y]KB[KՋܘ[[[X]\]] \^H[\ۈ ]Y K\[]] [KB\H[\]] X[]] \[K[B\^K[^H\^KXH]] [B\ޘZ[Hۛ[]\[ۛ H\˜[\]YHܙX] Yܘ[[[\^B[\ۋ]YZ[XK][[XKZXY[H[\ۈ[ZY[]] XB[ۚHܘH [\K[X[H8'ۋBYx'H]] [^H]] ؙ\JH[[H][ \ܛY\\HX\H[]] YXHX\HX[\ KBY[]HXYH[ۈ[Hو\[Z[H[Y[˂Y[[ܚX[\XH\]\^K\[ K M˜] H K]]\[\[YH H[Ž ̍H[[\[۞H[K[Q ͋۝X][ۜX^HHXYH\\\\وX[K NL X[H\ۈYX[HQ LKۙN L N LL͋ۛHܚ[HYYZ[‘ۛHܚ[HYYZ[L وX[\Y]^B\[ L M]YY]\\Y][[Y]KB\H\ܛX^H N NL[[HZ[KS”X\Y\ۈ[BY\ [[[ۜH^KB\H NM ܘYX]HوKB]\Y ۛH\HXܙ]\B]ܝ[\^HZ\\H[[X[XH[]\[ݙY\[ۋ[ܚY܈H]H\\Y[ ]\[ۈو[]Y][ۜYZ\˂ۈ[H  NMHۛHX\YY[X[B]ܙ[HYYZ[ˈH\H]Y[\[ۋH]K\XZY[[\[[]Y[X[[ NM ۛH\XH\Y[[X\\\قˈ YYZ[[ˈوܙ\[KH\^KB[[[[Y\[; HH\\ؘ[[ BY[ NMLKۛH\HZ][Y[X\ق\^H\[[]YY]\\\HH]Y[^H H\Y][]YY]\Y[[\\Y]H\X[YX][ۈܘ[H]\^H\[ ۛH\XYY[X]H\\ؘ[[X[H]ܙ[Hۈ[X\H  M H\\]YH\]Y\\[YYZ[YZY\[\\ؘ[]X˜[ۈ[X[H YYZ[[\YB[H[وX[^ܘ[[[KBXYZY\\HYZY\[XHYY\YYYZ[]\HZ][X[]B[ۈ[\ܙX]ܘ[[[[[YZY\[]YZY\[YYZ[[]H][ۋ]\8'x'H[ۂ]\8'x'B[ۋ Kو[[[B\Y]^H\[ LK M˜]\\Y[K