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MEMBERSHIP Membership Update By Craig Steckler, Chair, Membership and Communications Committee t’s been a busy 6 months here at Cal Chiefs. Since my last membership update we have seen an increase in turnover with a total of 24 new chiefs. Their names are listed below for your reference. Please help me in congratulating them all! I • Increased our staffing levels by hiring a Legislative Analyst to enhance our public policy efforts and successes, and a Member Services Coordinator to enhance our responsiveness and customer service As you may or may not recall, Cal Chiefs President Chief Christopher Boyd sent an email out in early March regarding a change in the dues structure for our association. At the Board of Directors’ meeting in February, the Board voted to increase the association’s dues by 5%. The last time we saw a dues increase was in 2009. The dues increase only applies to active members. Associate and retiree dues will remain the same. Here is a short list of just some of the accomplishments the association has been able to do in the past 5 years. • Moved our headquarters into a larger and more professional office with a conference room for meetings • Procured $24 million in 2012-2013 and $27.5 million for 20132014 in the state budget for city police departments and is working to increase that amount for 2014-2015 • Helped defeat Prop. 19 to legalize marijuana in 2010 and are currently working on a reasonable marijuana regulation bill • Protected public safety by successfully sponsoring legislation, including the banning of open carry, as well as prevented legislation from becoming law that would have negatively affected our profession • Joined in several amicus briefs that were successful in protecting the interests of police chiefs as well as maintaining local control in key issues like the ability to ban dispensaries in cities • Launched the publication of the California Police Chief magazine which is mailed to members twice a year • Provided free access to crisis consulting with Bill Rams, a media consultant • Added several new training courses including Role of the Police Chiefs Executive Assistant, Strategic and Succession Planning, the Leadership Challenge, and Peer Counseling Below is a breakdown of the new dues structure. CPCA Membership Dues 2014/2015 Active Members Number of Employees Level Previous Amount 2014/2015 Amount 1 – 25 1 $300 $315 26 – 50 2 $380 $399 51 – 75 3 $600 $630 76 – 100 4 $1,400 $1,470 101 – 150 5 $1,600 $1,680 151 – 200 6 $1,800 $1,890 Over 200 7 $2,000 $2,100 Please keep your eyes out for an email from Cal Chiefs staff this month regarding your 2014/2015 dues! Thank you again for the continued support for our association. ■ CONGRATULATIONS NEW CHIEFS! 11/4/2013 Andrew Mills, Eureka Police Department 12/10/2013 Larry Esquivel, San Jose Police Department 12/16/2013 Marty Rivera, Orange Cove Police Department 12/4/2013 Michael Crankshaw, Brawley Police Department 12/10/2013 Michael Taylor, Baldwin Park Police Department 12/16/2013 Tim Staab, Glendora Police Department 12/9/2013 Tracy Busby, Ione Police Department 12/12/2013 Anthony Miranda, Irwindale Police Department 12/20/2013 Raul Quezada, Anaheim Police Department SPRING 2014 | California Police Chief 5