California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 17

Chief Reports to a Higher Authority As a police chief, John Schaefer loves to catch the bad guys. But the top cop in the affluent city of San Marino, near Pasadena, has another passion: changing lives. Schaefer, 57, is in the rare position to do just that. He’s one of the only police chiefs in California – perhaps the only one -- who also serves as a chaplain for incarcerated youth, in Schaefer’s case for Orange County Probation. Cyndee Thomas, 62, senior chaplain at the Redding Police Department and president of the International Conference of Police Chaplains, isn’t aware of another police chief in the state who also has the job of providing emotional and spiritual support to their own sworn officers and non-sworn employees and their families, or to youth. About half the state’s police agencies have chaplains, Thomas says. Most are volunteers and very few are sworn officers. For Schaefer – who also serves as police chief of San Marino – the double-duty is no big deal. “I’m a guy who likes to be busy,” the police chief said. “I’ve never thought of police work as a job, but rather my ministry, my life calling.” Schaefer, 57, spent more than 32 years in law enforcement in Orange County -- at police departments in Cypress, Seal Beach and Placentia -- before becoming San Marino’s police chief in October 2007. For years, the Fullerton resident has been involved in ministering to youth at Orange County Juvenile Hall as a Protestant chaplain. While not San Marino’s official police chaplain, Schaefer considers himself a ?6?&W7??6?&?Rf? ?&?f?F??r7?&?GV?7W?'BF?F?R#??ff?6W'2?bF?R6???&?????6RFW'F?V?B?v?F???????V?r?ffV?FW'2V?BW&WGW&???rF?7W7F?G???66?VfW"6?2???2?76????F?&?Vv?&?&?R7GVG?B??2??&?&F???6?6??VBF?R??WF??VFW'6??6FV????2F?6??vRF?R?V'G2?B??G2?bF?R??V?r?V??P?6?W?W&G2??F?R??WF??VFW'6??6FV?&?f?FW2?FW&?F?fW2F??v?w2?G'Vw2?B?F?W"6W&??W2&?&?V?2f6??rF?R??V?p??V????&?vR6?V?G?v??f??BF?V?6V?fW2??F?Rw&??p?6?FR?bF?R?r??( ?b?6???RF?ffW&V?6R??F?R?fR?b??R??B?( ?66?VfW ?6?B?( ?N( ?2v?'F??B?( ?v?F???6RvV?6?W2vVF?W&??r7WF&6?2?F?R?FV?F??f? ?7G&W72????&VG?7G&W76gV?&?fW76????2&?6V??F???0?6?B( 2????r?BWfV???&R7'V6??f?"?rV?f?&6V?V?@?vV?6?W2F?6??F??VR&?f?F??r6????6W'f?6W2??F?Rv??B?Ww2?2F?B&V6W6R??7B6????2&P?f??V?FVW'2???7B??6RvV?6?W26?ff?&BF?V???( ???&R?B??&R??6RFW'F?V?G2&R??????r@?6????22?6?F?fR&W6?W&6R?( ?F???26?B??6????2??7F?6W'fR2v????rV"f?"?ff?6W'2v????VVBF?fV?B&?WBF?V?"7G&W76gV???'2?F???26?B?F?W??66?????ff?6W'2??&?FR????w2?B?6??VWB??R????P?v?F?F?V???ffW&??r7?&?GV?wV?F?6R??6????2???F?R??6RFW'F?V?B?"?????2?&?f?FR?6&??rV"F????7FW"F?&?F?F?R7?&?GV??BV??F??????VVG2?bF?RV??RF?W?6W'fR?v???R??F?f?GV?6????0???6????"?FV?F?g?v?F?'F?7V?"FV????F?????"????6????66?VfW"6?B?F?W???7G&?fRF?6W'fR?@????7FW"F??V??Bv??V?v???fR?VVBF?BF???g&WVV?F?vWG2?fW&????VB?( ??f??#?????p???