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MEMBERSHIP Membership Update By Craig Steckler, Retired Chief, Membership Liason Serving as the voice of and resource of choice for California’s municipal Police Chiefs, is not only our association’s mission statement, it is something that the staff and volunteers live up to. Cal Chiefs continues to grow and offer expanded services and information to remain the resource of choice for our members. Succession planning is important now, more than ever. Now is the time to consider having your seconds- in -command join Cal Chiefs. Today’s seconds-in-command are the future leaders of tomorrow’s police departments. As police chiefs we have the responsibility to develop and mentor our seconds-in-command so they are prepared to become tomorrow’s police chiefs. Membership for seconds in command is only $125 per year. More information and a membership application can be found on our website at Since the last membership update we have had the pleasure of welcoming 17 new chiefs. The names and agencies of the new chiefs are listed below. Please help me in welcoming them all.  ■ CONGRATULATIONS NEW CHIEFS! 6/1/2015 John Peters, Grover Beach PD 7/8/2015 Drew Bessinger, Parlier PD 9/15/2015 Jennifer Tejada, Emeryville PD 6/2/2015 Kyle Sanders, Red Bluff PD 7/16/2015 Dave Hober, Monterey PD 9/23/2015 Stephen Cramer, Cloverdale PD 6/3/2015 Michael O’Brien, Chico PD 7/22/2015 Cosme Lozano, Huntington Park PD 10/1/2015 Daniel Steidle, Pacifica PD 6/8/2015 Kevin Hart, Kensington PD 7/28/2015 Rod Cox, Cypress PD 10/15/2015 Michael Salvador, Coalinga PD 6/16/2015 Sid Cullins, Alturas PD 8/31/2015 Manjit Sappal, Martinez PD 10/20/2015 Keith Kauffman, Redondo Beach PD 6/22/2015 Dale Mondary, Desert Hot Springs PD 9/8/2015 David Riviere, Chowchilla PD 10/26/2015 Tod Patterson, Lodi PD Rob Sharpnack, Costa Mesa PD 9/14/2015 7/1/2015 John Osbourn, Williams PD 10/28/2015 Mike Hamel, Irvine PD 11/14/2015 Wes Hensley, Tulare PD WINTER 2015 | California Police Chief 5