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How to compete in the era of ‘‘smart.’’ Police in Memphis used Big Data and analytics to verify patterns of criminal activity, which helped them change their strategy. For five years, IBMers have helped cities and companies build a Smarter Planet. Leaders have begun using Big Data and analytics to transform their enterprises with mobile technology, social business and the cloud. Big Data has changed how enterprises and institutions serve their customers, and their ability to harness it helps them compete in today’s era of “smart.” Using analytics, not instinct. Executives long relied on intuition to formulate strategy and assess risk. Such thinking is rendered obsolete by Big Data. Social networks shift value in the workplace from knowledge that people possess to knowledge that they can communicate. Today, when each individual is connected with millions of others, the cost of a bad call can be devastating. Analytics helps leaders see beyond their own biases to find real patterns and anticipate events. The social network goes to work. The rise of social and mobile technology is shifting the competitive edge from having workers who amass knowledge to having workers who impart it. Cemex, a $15 billion cement maker, created its first global brand by building a social network. Workers collaborating in 50 countries helped the brand launch in a third of the anticipated time. From you as a “segment” to you as you. In the age of mass media, marketers served broad population “segments.” But the age of Big Data and analytics is revealing customers as individuals. And smarter enterprises deliver useful services to one individual at a time. Finding success on a Smarter Planet. An organization invested in Big Data and analytics, social, mobile, and the cloud is a smarter enterprise. On a Smarter Planet, the next challenge is culture: changing entrenched work practices to make the most of these advances. To learn more, visit us at Effective marketing no longer aims publicity at broad demographic groups—it opens conversations with individuals. LET’S BUILD A SMARTER PLANET. IBM, the IBM logo,, Let's Build A Smarter Planet, Smarter Planet and the planet icon are trademarks of International Business Machines Corp., registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the Web at © International Business Machines Corporation 2013.