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often have flyers listing locations that can be shared with community members. i. Share Our Strength (March 2013). Summer Meals Survey. Retrieved December 13, 2013 from http:// sites/default/files/resources/ SOS%20-%20Summer%20 Meals%20Survey%20Report%20 FINAL2.pdf ii. National Summer Learning Association (2009). Know the facts. http://www.summerlearning. org/?page=know_the_facts 2. Participate in a kick-off event. Working with the school district and other agencies to create a citywide kick-off event or BBQ can boost summer meal program participation while providing Police Department’s an opportunity to interact with families. 3. Support activities at summer meal sites. Activities at sites help increase participation, however many meal providers lack the additional staff or volunteers to manage them. Reading to kids, offering child fingerprinting, or assisting with physical activity games provide easy opportunities for police officers and Explorers to support these often hour-long events throughout the summer. Healthy youths are the cornerstone to a healthy and vibrant community. Summertime is an opportunity not to be missed to ensure that the most vulnerable kids have the support they need to stay healthy, ready to learn and heading towards a bright future. iii. Food Research and Action Center (2014). Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation. Available at: http://frac. org/nearly-1-in-6-low-incomechildren-receive-summer-mealsreport-finds/ iv. To learn more about how to get involved in summer meal programs in your community, visit or contact Patricia Chamberlain ■ California Food Policy Advocates (2015). School’s Out…Who Ate? Retrieved October 1, 2015 from Technology Summit Presented by: CPCA Technology Committee Body Worn Cameras What you may not know When: Where: Who should attend: Registration: Social Media Being Proactive & Reactive January 14, 2016 - 8am - 5pm Juniper Networks, Sunnyvale, CA Sworn & Professional Executives & Managers $99* (limited to first 120 people) *Breakfast and lunch included CAD/RMS Which system is best for you? 26 Participating Agencies Participating Vendors Chino PD Clovis PD Garden Grove PD LA Sheriffs Dept Los Altos PD Mountain View PD Geofeedia Intergraph Justice Mobile Mobile PD Nextdoor Oakland PD Palo Alto PD Petaluma PD Redlands PD San Bernadino DA Truckee PD California Police Chief | Spillman Sun Ridge Taser Thin Blue Line Vievu Mobile Technology Apps - What you need to know