California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 23

opportunity have included a local civil rights advocacy group, inter-faith council, elected officials from our city and neighboring cities, grand jury members and all of our city’s department heads, including members of the city attorney’s office. The feedback has been very positive from all of our participants. “The “Options to Force” training was engaging and enlightening. The educational portion of the training was very informative. The videos of real life incidences were striking however the experience on the simulator was transformative. Even though I knew it was a simulator it was intense. I found myself solely focused on the threat of the gun, my body responding and my mind racing. Powerful!” Lynn E. Fritz, Chair, Shasta County Interfaith Forum. This effort has been highlighted nationally in publications such as Force Science. As a result, our Force Options team has fielded calls from other law enforcement professionals and trainers from across the United States seeking more information on what the Redding Police Department has accomplished and experienced with this innovative and transparent delivery of information to the public. Below is sample list of some of the agencies we have been fortunate enough to assist. • San Ramon Police Department, California • Toledo Police Department, Ohio • Missouri State Highway Patrol, Missouri • Brookfield Police Department, Wisconsin • Atlantic City Police Department, New Jersey • Port Townsend Police Department, Washington • Falmouth Police Department, Maine • Surprise Police Department, Arizona • City of Albany Police Department, New York • Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, Florida To date, the Redding Police Department has not experienced any negative feedback with this community outreach program. The investment the department has made has opened additional avenues for discussion and contact with the public. For any additional information please contact Sergeant Casey Bokavich 530-225-4289. ■ WINTER 2015 | California Police Chief 23