California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 21

Changing the Perception by Simulating Real Life By Sergeant Casey Bokavich, Redding Police Department The law enforcement profession has been under considerable scrutiny and pressure as a result of several high-profile incidents that have rocked the very foundation of our society. So in January of 2015, the Redding Police Department began a program of community outreach with the goal of educating civicminded individuals regarding the use of force by law enforcement. Like many agencies, the Redding Police Department had previously provided a cursory overview to members of the community on the topic of use of force. However, the department observed that inaccurate and, at times, deliberate misinformation, regarding police use of force was being disseminated to our community through third parties. As such, the Redding Police Department recognized an opportunity to proactively reach out to our community in an effort to provide accurate information available on the topic of police use of force. This effort has been a unique opportunity for citizens to take the same Force Options class that California law enforcement personnel are mandated to complete every two years as part of their continuing professional training. The fourhour block of instruction includes WINTER 2015 | California Police Chief 21