California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 15

H ollister, CA is affectionately referred to as the “Birthplace of the American Biker”, and rightfully so. Every year over the 4th of July weekend the city of Hollister, with an average city population of 38,000 residents, plays host to a three day motorcycle rally increasing the residential population to over 100,000. The Hollister Bike Rally attendee’s include; hundreds of motorcycle clubs, bike enthusiasts, families, as well as Hollister community residents. The rally is free to the public and features motorcycle riders parading their bikes down Main Street, live music, beer gardens and food vendors. Unfortunately, the rally also brings a significant number of outlaw motorcycle gang members to the event, known as the 1%’ers and every year, the Hollister Police Department must deal with this criminal element. With an agency size of 28 sworn police officer positions, this can pose a problem. With an event of this magnitude we cannot do it alone. We are however, fortunate that our local law enforcement partners are there to assist with various assignments. In 2014, with safety as a top priority for the annual event, Hollister PD installed over 60 intelligent video surveillance cameras. In 2015 we also combined location based technology software along with a real-time team collaboration application that improves situational awareness in and around the downtown area of Hollister. Using technologically advanced video surveillance cameras coupled with the use of intelligent real-time applications and team collaboration tools, the Hollister Police Department revolutionized management, resource deployment and information delivery to provide security for the 2015 Hollister Bike Rally, resulting in a safe event for attendees and law enforcement. We live in a society that has fully embraced social media. In our personal lives we receive information from a variety of uncontrolled sources such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, etc. What this means for a police department is this; all of these sources are potential feeds to provide additional situational awareness and perspective either incident driven or proactively. It is up to us to arm ourselves with the best tools