California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 24

“ It ’ s a feel-good program that a lot of people have a connection to .”
“ The agencies are getting really creative on how they ’ re doing it ,” says Gatto . “ They have a commitment at the agency level and helping at a larger scale .”
For example , Fullerton Police Department is selling its pink patches the traditional way ( the agency ’ s patch redesigned using vibrant pink ) and also in a framed version . For those who wanted something a little different , Fullerton Police Community Service Officer Kristy Wells put together 4-by-6 framed patches on black matte , which sold for $ 20 , with the loose patches selling for $ 10 . After selling all 150 frames , she had requests for more – which she ’ s supplying . The campaign will run through the end of October .
“ I had a lady last week saying she ’ s actually collecting the pink patches and will be making a quilt ,” says Wells .
Wells says many people in law enforcement and the general community have been impacted by the disease .
“ I think a lot of people have been affected in some way , whether they know a family member or friend ,” she says . “ I think everyone has a story .”
Breast cancer awareness efforts at Fullerton PD began a few years ago with proceeds from T-shirts sold within the agency donated to St . Jude Cancer Research . This year , the FPD ’ s campaign expanded to the community at large with the pink patches . In one month , the agency sold 220 patches , according to Wells , and that was even before the month of October .
“ It got a lot bigger than I thought it would and very quickly … which I ’ m very happy about ,” says Wells .
Fullerton Police is selling patches far beyond its city borders , including a mother from West Virginia who want-

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