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Unfortunately , Prop 64 was not the only initiative that created a new change for law enforcement .
Continuing in the footsteps of prison realignment and Proposition 47 ( 2014 ), the voters approved Proposition 57 , allowing early parole consideration for serious felons . With law enforcement across the state already inundated with crime , it is not hard to predict the outcomes of Prop 57 . However , the initiative does require the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to adopt regulations to implement new parole and sentence credit provisions , giving law enforcement a chance to mitigate the consequences .
Cal Chiefs has already engaged CDCR and the Governor ’ s office about developing Prop 57 regulations , and will have a strong voice in ensuring dangerous individuals are not considered for parole . Furthermore , the Legislature gives us opportunity to limit the impacts of the Prop 57 by potentially redefining violent felonies and clarifying parts of the initiative related to sentence enhancements . However , the success of any measure will depend on the new Legislators headed to Sacramento in January .
While the incoming class of Legislators will be largely the same as the previous year , there have been some important changes . Although we are still counting ballots in a few contested races , it does appear that the Democrats have regained the supermajority in the California Assembly , while the Senate will likely remain one seat shy . Although we have lost several friends of law enforcement , the incoming class may shape up to be more aligned with public safety concerns than it would appear .
With the top-two primary system now in place , races between two democratic candidates now typically results in a victory for the moderate . In the Assembly and Senate , incoming Democrats are predicted to be less liberal than their predecessor . Still , we cannot assume to know how they will vote , which is a similar uncertainty many Americans are dealing with after the national election .
Regardless of party affiliations or political beliefs , everyone can agree the election of Donald Trump has already had an impact on America . From the stock market to social media , there has been constant speculation on what could be coming next . For California , one immediate concern is the likely reduction in the matching federal funding California currently receives to support state welfare programs , which will likely end with the new administration . Billions could be at stake if the federal government decides to hold back funding , which will tighten purse strings throughout the state and impact any additional funding for public safety .
Whatever challenges may come , at least the mission to protect and serve has not changed , and neither have the men and women sworn to carry it out . ■
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